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Ohio University

Parcel Pending by Quadient’s smart lockers are working great and have provided, among other benefits, the added advantage of eliminating person-to-person contact between mailroom personnel and staff and faculty.

Blaine Gabriel Director of Campus and Student Mail, Printing Services, Campus Signage and Logistics, Ohio University
University of Florida

Parcel Pending by Quadient is the best way to pick up packages at UF! Not only is it open 24 hours a day, but it is also safe and secure. I’ll never have to worry about getting my packages stolen off my doorstep again!

Jade H. Student
University College Oxford

We would work with Parcel Pending by Quadient again in the future. Students have reacted positively to the lockers, space is no longer an issue, and we now have an audit trail which is very useful. Security is a lot better.

Michael Park Head Porter
University of Alabama

As an out-of-state student I get a lot of packages sent both from home and from online shopping. Mail and packages at my apartment building are often left out for anyone to snatch, which makes me nervous if I am not home to grab them immediately. To avoid my packages being stolen, I like to send them to our Ferg Student Center where they’re kept safe thanks to Parcel Pending by Quadient!

Kathleen M. Student
University of Tampa

I would certainly recommend Parcel Pending by Quadient to other universities. I think you will find them to be responsive to campus needs and a willing partner to walk the path that you need.

Linda Devine Vice President for Operations and Planning
Kennesaw State University

Who knew picking up packages on campus could be so secure and easy with Parcel Pending smart lockers?! Having multiple locations makes it so easy to swing by between classes.

Rica R. Student
Valencia College

[With the lockers], we didn’t have to deploy a small army to make sure that every student is prepared on the first day of class.

Frankie Ortiz Campus Store Manager
Kennesaw State University

Going to college thousands of miles away from home can be tough, but my day is always made when I receive a care package from my mom and have a safe and easy pickup through Parcel Pending!

Hawley P. Student
University of Northampton

It’s improved the service for students because they can collect 24/7 and for staff, it’s given us a better process for managing parcel deliveries.

Michelle Chodyniecki Head of Facilities Services
University of Florida

Pick-up was so easy and much faster than a regular delivery!

Victoria C. Student

How We Solve the Package Problem

Countless packages, one solution: introducing the Campus Hub™

  • Industry-first smart package delivery locker platform designed to scale as you grow
  • More than a smart locker, includes embedded tracking software
  • Unified platform provides visibility, security, and efficiencies across campus departments
  • Full chain-of-custody for mail, packages, laptops, tech equipment and accessories, books, move-in materials, food delivery, and more

Improve student life and the faculty/staff experience

  • Make asset exchanges quick, convenient, and accessible 24/7 for college students, faculty, and staff – no need to worry about standard business hours
  • Simplify parcel drop-off and collection via e-mail or text notifications
  • Ensure security and delivery accuracy
  • Leverage a proven brand, with the highest end user satisfaction rating1

1According to an internal study, 98% of users rated their experience with Parcel Pending as “Very Satisfied”.

How it Works

Provide a safe, modern campus experience with smart college lockers

Step 1
User requests distribution for an asset
Step 2
Delivery agent places asset in the locker system
Step 3
User receives instant delivery notification
Step 4
User can drop-off/pick-up locker contents 24/7 from the nearest locker

Parcel Pending Benefits

Flexible API Integrations

100% Deliverability

Custom Configurations

Unified Platform

Contactless Pick-Ups and Returns

Embedded Tracking


Installations Worldwide


Packages Delivered Annually


Users Served

What Makes Parcel Pending SPECIAL

Differences Parcel Pending Other Vendors
Global Pioneer in Package Management
Integrated Asset Tracking Software
Contactless Package Retrieval
Mobile App
Unified Communications Platform
Extended Warranty
Built-In Camera System
Package Room Connected to Lockers
Package Tracking Using Courier or Order Barcode
Returns/Outbound Functionality

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The World's Smartest Locker

Our industry-leading technology eliminates your package problems. At Parcel Pending, our goal is to provide our customers with the best package management solution on the market.

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