Smart Indoor Parcel Lockers

Indoor Parcel Lockers


Flexible API allows for seamless integration with your software systems


Scan the barcode in the delivery notification or mobile app

Mobile App

Manage deliveries from your smartphone


ADA-compliance supports any user


Includes photo capture and optional cloud-based video surveillance. Read More


Different locker sizes allow for 100% deliverability


Custom design or color wrap to match any aesthetic or branding


Streamlines delivery process; reduces space needed to accept deliveries

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Locker Lite is an intelligent locker solution designed to specifically address the parcel delivery and management needs of small multifamily communities (less than 100 units) that have limited floor space and/or that receive up to 10 packages per day. Our standard solutions are designed for larger properties (more than 100 units) that are looking for a safe, secure locker management solution to manage storage of parcel deliveries as well as resident package pickup.

Yes! We have a range of flexible pricing plans to help you implement smart locker technology for your business, including a purchase and a subscription option with no money down. Interested in an intelligent locker solution for your business? Get a quote today.

Yes! Our Standard Tier plan is 1-year parts and labor. We also offer a Select Tier plan that includes an ongoing warranty for the lifetime of the intelligent lockers, ensuring that the locker hardware, software, and other security features are always up to date.. For more details about our warranty plans, contact a Parcel Pending representative today.

*Restrictions apply. Please consult a Parcel Pending representative for details.

Yes! Recipients can use our free app on their mobile device to receive delivery alerts, manage packages, and pickup deliveries contact-free with their smartphone. Want the Parcel Pending app on your mobile device? Download it via Google Play or the App Store.

Apartment complexes, retailers, distributors, higher education institutions, and commercial buildings can all leverage smart parcel lockers as storage solutions to support secure package delivery and retrieval. Whether you’re a property manager using a smart parcel locker system to deliver 24/7 package access for residents or a retailer looking to use a retail locker system for more efficient BOPIS and returns fulfillment, electronic parcel lockers can be a major benefit for your business and your customers. Contact our package management experts to find out more.

Simple, Quick, Contact-Free Package Retrieval

The Parcel Pending smartphone mobile app opens our electronic parcel lockers without touching a screen. Users can manage and retrieve packages faster and more easily with the mobile app.

Contactless Pick-Up
Easy Package Retrieval
Instant Delivery Notifications
Quick Account Updates
mobile phone
outdoor locker

Flexible Configurations to Fit Your Lobby, Garage, or Hallway

Parcel Pending’s smart package lockers are not your standard locker offering – they are designed and engineered specifically to meet your unique storage needs for simplified package delivery (and a perfect storage solution for all those online shopping orders). No more worrying about package theft – our secure electronic locker system comes equipped with built-in smart locks to provide a more secure solution for the storage of users’ personal items and deliveries until they can be retrieved. Whether you need wider lockers to fit larger items or smaller digital parcel lockers that will fit in your available space, our talented engineering team will collaborate with your staff to discuss the necessary electronic parcel locker size requirements and create a custom smart locker solution that maximizes the storage space you have available.


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What I love most about using a Parcel Pending smart locker is the convenience. Everything is in one place, and you get a friendly reminder if you haven’t picked up your packages – which is so helpful with my work schedule.

Karen C., Englewood, CO


If I had a word to describe Parcel Pending, it would be life-saving. Why? Because it’s quick, convenient, and the customer service has been amazing.

Andy, Miami, FL


Pick-up [with the lockers] was so easy and much faster than a regular delivery!

Victoria C., University of Florida


Not only are these lockers great in general but the support level from Parcel Pending is outstanding. […] I’m very glad we have these as they offer great security and are temperature-controlled.

Daniel V., Austin, TX


The automated locker is AMAZING! Fastest, easiest way I’ve ever done pick-up – and I do a lot.

Lowe's Home Improvement Customer