Outdoor Parcel Locker Systems

Outdoor Parcel Locker Systems

Durable & Strong

Double-reinforced 18-gauge, rolled steel construction; Weatherproof, outdoor, UV-rated screen technology

Temperature Controlled

Integrated kiosk and screen with air conditioning and heating for operation in outdoor environments with extreme conditions


Designed to fit standard or short awning; programmable lighting optional


ADA Compliant


Includes photo capture and optional cloud-based video surveillance


Multiple configurations to match your needs with sizes that allow for 100% deliverability


Flexible API allows seamless integration with your software system and processes


Custom design or color wrap to match any aesthetic or branding

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Frequently Asked Questions

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With their top-of-the-line weatherproofing, industrial grade (rust and corrosion-resistant) steel, and a special, high-quality powder-coat finish, our outdoor lockers are designed with durability in mind, built to withstand a variety of weather conditions to provide safe storage for package deliveries year-round. In fact, these heavy duty lockers are designed to last for over a decade of outdoor use with exposure from rain, wind, humidity, and extreme temperatures from -13º F/-25º C to 122º F/50º C.

Yes! We have a range of flexible pricing plans, including a purchase and a subscription option with no money down. Interested in an outdoor use smart locker solution for your business? Get a quote today and ensure safe storage of parcels for your customers.

Yes! Our Standard Tier plan is 1-year parts and labor. We also offer a Select Tier plan that includes an ongoing warranty for the lifetime of the lockers.  For more details about our warranty plans, contact a Parcel Pending representative today.


Yes! Recipients can use our free mobile app to receive delivery alerts, manage parcels, change accessibility settings, and retrieve deliveries contact-free from our outdoor parcel lockers with their smartphone. Want the Parcel Pending app on your device? Download it via Google Play or the App Store.

Simple, Quick, Contact-Free Package Retrieval

The Parcel Pending smartphone mobile app opens lockers without touching a screen. Users can manage and retrieve packages faster and more easily with the mobile app.

Contact-Free Pick-Up
Easy Package Retrieval
Instant Delivery Notifications
Quick Account Updates
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outdoor locker

No Element is a Match for our Outdoor Locker System

Featuring superior durability, improved weather and UV-resistance plus integrated temperature controls, Parcel Pending’s outdoor lockers offer ample storage space to keep packages protected from extreme weather. Top-of-the-line weatherproofing, industrial grade steel and a special, high-quality powder-coat finish create an outdoor system that is designed to provide safe, secure package deliveries year-round in extreme weather like snowstorms, heat waves, high winds and heavy rain.

Over 4 Million Users Served



What I love most about using a Parcel Pending smart locker is the convenience. Everything is in one place, and you get a friendly reminder if you haven’t picked up your packages – which is so helpful with my work schedule.

Karen C., Englewood, CO


If I had a word to describe Parcel Pending, it would be life-saving. Why? Because it’s quick, convenient, and the customer service has been amazing.

Andy, Miami, FL


Pick-up [with the lockers] was so easy and much faster than a regular delivery!

Victoria C., University of Florida


Not only are these lockers great in general but the support level from Parcel Pending is outstanding. […] I’m very glad we have these as they offer great security and are temperature-controlled.

Daniel V., Austin, TX


The automated locker is AMAZING! Fastest, easiest way I’ve ever done pick-up – and I do a lot.

Lowe's Home Improvement Customer