Our Drop Box Lockers are now available to carriers and retailers worldwide

Open Locker Network

Fulfill MORE for your customers with a smart open locker network

A Solution for Order Fulfillment and Returns

Improve business operations and meet consumer demands with our smart open locker network

  • More Efficient: bolster your omnichannel tactics with self-service parcel pick-ups and returns
  • More Customer Friendly: address mounting pressures and rising costs for fast deliveries and seamless returns
  • More Savings: reduce operational costs by up to 50%* by centralizing deliveries and returns to convenient, secure parcel locker locations
  • More Access: indoor/outdoor locker locations allow up to 24/7 access to parcel deliveries – with options for same-day retrieval

*Based on client data. Your results may vary.

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How it Works: Order Pick-Up

Step 1
Customer places order online, selects pick-up locker as delivery preference
Step 2
Carrier agent or retail employee* delivers the order directly into the locker
Step 3
Customer receives instant “Order Ready” notification via email or SMS
Step 4
Customer retrieves order from the locker with PIN entry or barcode scan

How it Works: Returns

Step 1
Customer initiates return online, receives personalized QR code
Step 2
Customer scans barcode and places return directly into the locker
Step 3
Customer receives “Return Confirmation” notification via email or SMS
Step 4
Carrier agent or retail employee* collects return from the locker for processing

*Option to have locker usage dedicated to your brand or include carriers and other vendors. See Business Models for more information.

Business Models for Every Budget

Our advantageous deployment models limit upfront cost and can even provide revenue sharing opportunities – with many businesses realizing ROI within two years.*

  • Private Locker Network: create a private locker network that is exclusively available to your customers for the collection and return of your brand’s goods only
  • Shared Locker Network: decrease upfront investment and drive additional foot traffic by also making a portion of your lockers available for carrier and consumer-to-consumer (C2C) deliveries and returns
  • Hybrid Locker Network: realize greater savings by allocating additional locker space for local or regional services (e.g., laundry drop-off or collection)

*Based on client data. Your results may vary.

Parcel Pending Benefits

On-Demand Parcel Access

Global Locker Network

Contactless Pick-Up

Weather Resistant Design

Flexible Configurations

Open API Integrations


Installations Worldwide


Packages Delivered Annually


Customers Served

What Makes Parcel Pending SPECIAL

Differences Parcel Pending Other Vendors
Global Pioneer in Smart, Open Locker Networks
Carrier Agnostic
Flexible Business Models
Broad Range of Solutions
Revenue Sharing
Open API for Existing Software Integrations
Mobile App Integration
Contact-Free Parcel Retrieval/Returns
Parcel Tracking Using Courier or Order Barcode
Returns/Pick-Up Functionality
Built-In Camera System
ADA Compliant
Extended Warranty
Robust Business Intelligence Capabilities

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The World's Smartest Locker

Our industry-leading locker hardware and cloud-based software can streamline your parcel management. At Parcel Pending, our goal is to provide our customers with the best parcel management solution on the market.

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