Multifamily Package Lockers

Don’t just improve the resident experience, make it SPECIAL.

How We Solve the Package Problem

A safe, secure and contact-free package management experience

  • Eliminate up to 24 hours of time wasted each week handling and sorting packages1
  • Boost community satisfaction with our easy to use package delivery solutions
  • Residents receive instant delivery notifications and can retrieve packages contact-free at their convenience
  • 24/7 resident support from our U.S.-based customer service
  • Increase renewals by as much as 40%2

1Based on an average of 60 packages per day, 6 days per week, at 1 hour per 15 packages.
2Survey results gathered from case studies conducted with residents of Cortland Partners properties.

Elevate your resident experience

Package growth isn’t going away. Lockers can accommodate online orders, food, and other deliveries to residents.

Parcel Pending lockers provide a secure, contact-free way for residents to get their packages, leaving property staff free to manage other responsibilities.

Whether residents are working from home, commuting, or running errands, smart lockers make packages available when needed based on each resident’s schedule.

How it Works

Provide secure, contact-free package delivery for residents with multifamily package lockers

Step 1
Resident places order online
Step 2
Courier delivers directly into locker
Step 3
Resident receives instant delivery notification
Step 4
Resident can retrieve order 24/7 from locker

Parcel Pending Benefits

Flexible API Integrations

100% Deliverability

Custom Configurations

Eliminates Package Theft

Contactless Pick-Up

24/7 Package Accessibility


Installations Worldwide


Packages Delivered Monthly


Residents Served

What Makes Parcel Pending SPECIAL

Differences Parcel Pending Other Vendors
Global Pioneer in Package Management
Integrates with Property Management Software
Contact-Free Package Retrieval
Mobile App Integration
Individual Refrigerated Compartments
Extended Warranty
Built-In Camera System
Package Room Connected to Lockers
Package Tracking Using Courier or Order Barcode
Dedicated Courier Specialist Team


Two St. Thomas
Sares-Regis Group
Venterra Realty
Parcels at Concourse
Trellis Fifth Avenue
Aspect at Cortland
Acacia Capital
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The World's Smartest Locker

Our industry-leading technology eliminates your package problems. At Parcel Pending, our goal is to provide our customers with the best package management solution on the market.

Contactless Pick-Up

SPECIAL Moments Created with Parcel Pending


We know residents expect properties to have a solution for managing packages. When prospective residents walk past nice, wrapped package lockers, they are instantly impressed with the design and convenience. We are thrilled that the lockers are becoming a selling point for our on-site teams.

Joshua Delzell Strategic Initiatives Manager, Venterra Realty

The [Parcel Pending] product speaks for itself. It’s durable, it’s easily configurable, it can also be modified to fit specific needs.

Justin Dunckel President, Paragon Properties

My properties with Parcel Pending have had no real issues and any service items are resolved in a day or less. [They’re] a very customer service-oriented company.

Sandy Pederson Vice President of Operations, Sares-Regis Group

From an office standpoint, Parcel Pending has really helped with maximizing our office efficiency. It actually allows us to devote more time to bettering the resident experience in other ways.

Eric Holley Residential Property Manager, Miller Valentine Group

[With the Parcel Pending lockers] I don’t have to leave the office every ten minutes to process packages. I can actually get work done.

Felecia Gargus Senior Property Manager, Parcels at Concourse

We absolutely made the right choice with Parcel Pending. Everyone loves how easy it is to use the lockers, and the Customer Service team has provided phenomenal support for both our owners and our residents.

Jason King President, Homeowner's Association Board, Trellis Fifth Avenue

What I love most about using a Parcel Pending smart locker is the convenience. Everything is in one place, and you get a friendly reminder if you haven’t picked up your packages – which is so helpful with my work schedule.

Karen C. Resident in Englewood, CO

What I love most about the Parcel Pending smart lockers is that I get a notification whenever I get my packages. I know where my delivery is and when I can go get it. And I can easily just go over to the lockers at my complex and access it. For me, Parcel Pending is efficient, timely, and reliable.

Martina G. Resident in Costa Mesa, CA

If I had a word to describe Parcel Pending, it would be life-saving. Why? Because it’s quick, convenient, and the customer service has been amazing.

Andy Resident in Miami, FL

My favorite amenity is Parcel Pending because no matter what time I leave for work in the morning or what time I get home from work in the afternoon, I can pick up my packages in an air-conditioned room. So no matter what [the delivery] is, it’s not out there melting outside of my door. It is AWESOME.

Mary Beth Resident in Shreveport, LA

Parcel Pending is the BEST invention ever! Hearing that locker “POP” open with my secure package inside is THE GIFT that KEEPS ON GIVING! So thankful my apartment community has this service! So convenient because I can get my package at any time! I have never had an issue with the lockers or keypad system either! #LOVEParcelPending #ApartmentMustHave #HappyResident

Tracy B. Resident in Irvine, CA

For an apartment building, I can’t think of a better way to handle packages. If there ever is an issue with a package delivery, the customer service team goes above and beyond.

Ken J. Resident in Phoenix, AZ

Not only are these lockers great in general but the support level from Parcel Pending is outstanding. […] I’m very glad we have these as they offer great security and are temperature-controlled.

Daniel V. Resident in Austin, TX

At our previous apartment, packages were delivered to our door – which is wonderful, UNTIL THE PACKAGES ARE STOLEN! The security of Parcel Pending lockers is a cherished amenity at our new apartment. We are able to see exactly when our package is delivered and we know they are safe until we are ready to pick them up.

Leslie C. Resident in Tacoma, WA