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What Makes Our Products SPECIAL

Parcel Pending by Quadient smart parcel locker solutions are designed from the ground up to be both modular and flexible. With that in mind, we offer a wide range of customizations to support our clients’ unique needs – including indoor, outdoor, and refrigerated parcel locker solutions and package rooms to support multiple delivery types and sizes.

Our parcel lockers are proven to be extremely secure, with thousands of successful placements around the world in areas such as apartment communities, retail/convenience stores, higher education campuses, commercial buildings, metro stations, supermarkets, and car parks. With Quadient’s high standards supporting Parcel Pending’s industry-leading locker technology, we are confident we can provide a secure parcel locker solution to meet your business’ unique needs. 

Why Parcel Pending?


We are a global leader in parcel locker solutions – with sales and support teams in most major urban areas.

100% Deliverability

We offer a wide range of indoor, outdoor, and refrigerated solutions to support all delivery types and sizes.

5-Star Service

Our passion is for delivering the best parcel delivery management experience for our clients and their customers.


Our industry-leading open API solution allows for seamless integrations with your software and delivery processes.


We partner with you to design system configurations and workflows that meet your unique business needs.


Our methodology is definable, intuitive, and repeatable, which ensures a high degree of user satisfaction and delivery efficiency.

SPECIAL Moments Created With Parcel Pending


Smart parcel lockers are a secure, self-service package management solution. Designed to keep deliveries safe and secure until picked up by the intended recipient, they accept deliveries directly from couriers, including packages and online orders.

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Parcel lockers make deliveries more efficient by assuming all recipient-facing responsibilities for package delivery, notification, and retrieval. With this self-service solution, users can access their deliveries at their convenience 24/7/365.

Once the courier delivers a package, the recipient is notified via text, email, or mobile app that they have a parcel pending. The recipient can then visit the lockers at their convenience and enter or scan their access barcode to open their locker.

With more than 3 million users served around the world, Parcel Pending by Quadient provides the most trusted and personalized experience in goods delivery, access, and management. Learn more about what makes us SPECIAL here.

Parcel Pending by Quadient offers customizable, self-service indoor, outdoor, and refrigerated parcel delivery lockers and package room solutions. You can learn more about our smart parcel locker offerings here.


What I love most about using a Parcel Pending smart locker is the convenience. Everything is in one place, and you get a friendly reminder if you haven’t picked up your packages – which is so helpful with my work schedule.

Karen C. Resident in Englewood, CO

If I had a word to describe Parcel Pending, it would be life-saving. Why? Because it’s quick, convenient, and the customer service has been amazing.

Andy Resident in Miami, FL

Pick-up [with the lockers] was so easy and much faster than a regular delivery!

Victoria C. Student at University of Florida

Not only are these lockers great in general but the support level from Parcel Pending is outstanding. […] I’m very glad we have these as they offer great security and are temperature-controlled.

Daniel V. Resident in Austin, TX

The automated locker is AMAZING! Fastest, easiest way I’ve ever done pick-up – and I do a lot.

Lowe's Home Improvement Customer Customer at Lowe's Home Improvement