Retail Locker System for Contactless Order Pickups and Returns

Don't just improve the omnichannel experience, DELIVER MORE with Parcel Pending's smart lockers


“I have wasted so much time waiting for orders in a line or in parking lots, etc. and [order pickup using the lockers] was just so simple and effective. I don’t usually shop at big box stores, but you guys got it right.”

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DELIVER MORE with frictionless order pickups and returns

  • Customers who wait less than 2 minutes for parcel pickups are more than 4X as likely to return to the store.

  • 45% of BOPIL customers are more likely to purchase again within 30-60 days (compared to non-locker pick-up).

  • 62% of consumers would buy more from a brand based on having a good returns experience.

  • 15% of shoppers made an additional purchase when completing an in-store return for online shopping purchases.

  • 19% of shoppers made an additional purchase in-store while picking up products they bought online.

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A Smart Locker Network Solution for Order Fulfillment and Returns

Parcel Pending by Quadient’s Smart Locker Network combines smart technology with sophisticated hardware to create a vast network of smart parcel lockers for retailers, consumers, and couriers.  Our advanced system allows consumers to pick up and return to click-and-collect smart package lockers at local physical stores, reduces logistics costs for retailers, and helps lower your carbon footprint.

Our smart locker solution portfolio helps you offer a contactless, secure parcel delivery option for your customers. Our smart locker network can help you meet consumer demands and make your business operations::

  • More Efficient: bolster your omnichannel tactics with self-service package pickups and returns
  • More Customer Friendly: address mounting pressures and rising costs for fast deliveries and seamless returns.
  • More Savings: reduce operational costs by up to 50%* with locker usage by centralizing deliveries and returns to convenient, secure parcel locker pickup locations
  • More Access: indoor/outdoor locker locations allow up to 24/7 access to parcel deliveries – with options for same-day retrieval

*Based on client data; your results may vary.

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Optimize Your In-Store Order Collections and Returns with Overflow Manager

Given recent surges in in-store order collection and returns, retailers are increasingly being challenged to maintain a consistent and convenient in-store experience for their customers. Enter Overflow Manager, a seamless web app designed to complement your Parcel Pending retail smart lockers that delivers: 

  • More streamlined online order management: Benefit from a comprehensive solution for handling in-store order collections and returns for oversized items or when the locker system has reached full capacity 
  • More visibility into in-store order collections: Our intuitive web app registers online order pick-ups and handles returns effectively, mirroring locker processes and ensuring full chain of custody visibility 
  • More customer satisfaction: Prevent second parcel delivery attempts for oversize items or when lockers have reached full capacity, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction and increasing customer loyalty 
  • More business insights: Our robust Business Intelligence dashboards help you make data-driven decisions that optimize your in-store operations 


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Drop Box Lockers

Manage MORE parcel collections and returns with a minimal locker footprint

Drop Box is an award-winning locker solution for retailers and carriers that maximizes operational efficiency and improves customer experience through an enhanced, self-service return option. Drop Box Lockers feature a built-in label printer, allowing customers to print return labels from the parcel lockers and place them directly into the deposit box at the automated locker terminal. In addition to returns, online orders can be collected and delivered to the package lockers, making Drop Box an all-in-one solution to drive cost-savings and in-store footfall.

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Parcel Pending Benefits

Retailers with physical stores can greatly benefit from implementing a parcel locker solution, as it allows customers to collect online shopping orders at their convenience. Our order collection lockers can help you create a better customer experience reduce operational costs with:

  • Flexible technology that integrates existing partner platforms seamlessly with our open API to give you the ability to control the associate and customer experience
  • The widest selection of modular, customizable indoor and outdoor retail lockers to accommodate more customer order collections and returns
  • Industry-leading customer satisfaction, with access to customer service and a passionate customer support team
  • Retail-specific expertise and experience, giving you direct access to our global executive leadership team


Try Our New Locker Configurator Tool

Parcel Pending by Quadient’s industry-leading locker hardware and cloud-based software are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use and streamline your package management needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of solutions – including indoor, outdoor, and refrigerated lockers – to support multiple delivery types and sizes.

Ready to design your customized solution? Try our Virtual Locker Configurator tool to envision a locker system that meets your business’s unique needs.

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How it Works: Order Pick-Up

Elevate your contactless parcel collection process with BOPIL retail lockers

Step 1
Customer places online order
Step 2
Team member fulfills order directly into smart locker
Step 3
Customer receives instant “Order Ready” notification
Step 4
Customer can retrieve order 24/7 from delivery locker

How it Works: Order Returns

Step 1
Customer initiates return online or via mobile app
Step 2
Retailer generates return barcode for order
Step 3
Guest scans barcode and places order into drop off lockers
Step 4
Team member collects order from pickup point for processing

Parcel Pending Benefits

Flexible API Integrations

100% Deliverability

Custom Configurations

Weatherproof Design

Contactless Pick-Ups and Returns

On-Demand Order Accessibility

SOC 2 Certified

Parcel Pending by Quadient has achieved SOC 2 (Service Organization Control 2) certification, underscoring our dedication to data security and privacy. This certification establishes a standardized framework for the management and protection of sensitive data, assuring our customers and stakeholders that we have enacted robust security measures to safeguard their information.

Deliver MORE with Smart Lockers from Parcel Pending by Quadient