Parcel Pending
Mobile App

Simple, quick, contact-free package retrieval.

Open Lockers Without Touching a Screen

Our smartphone app allows you to manage and retrieve packages faster and more easily – without having to use the locker kiosk touchscreen. Plus, you can access FAQs on-demand and request assistance from our U.S.-based customer support team (available 24/7/365).

Contact-Free Pick-Up

Access packages contact-free via Bluetooth or barcode scan.

Instant Notifications

Instantly receive notifications in the mobile app or via email/text.

Easy Package Retrieval

Scan a barcode at the kiosk or simply push a button on your smartphone to access your package locker

Quick Account Updates

Register, set vacation mode, add or change payment info, and view package history from your mobile device.

Manage Deliveries
& Settings
from Your Smartphone

mobile phone

Integrate with Our App via Our Open API

The Parcel Pending mobile app can be white-labeled or tied into your existing app’s platform. Using our flexible, open API, users will have a truly seamless brand experience through package pick-up and beyond. Leveraging our platform provides the ability to send push notifications for important announcements and merge app usage data with your existing analytics tools.

SPECIAL Moments Created with Parcel Pending


Very convenient, love the no-touch, Bluetooth function. Great way to be notified when packages arrive. Feels safer than having packages delivered to my door.

Jaime S. Google Play store review

It’s very convenient to walk over to the locker, tap on a notification about a package, and just hit open door on the app.

Alicia M. Google Play store review

Fantastic app. Works well with the device. I love the feature where you can open lockers from the app!

Zac S. Google Play store review