Trellis Fifth Avenue

Solving the Challenges of a 15-Year Old, Space-Constrained Property with Parcel Pending


Trellis Fifth Avenue is an urban condominium property located in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter in downtown San Diego – a prime location for owners and residents. The centralized location has its perks, but also a few drawbacks: as an older property, Trellis had a lack of adequate mailroom space to store the growing influx of online package deliveries.

Packages were stored on a table in the lobby or next to an unattended security desk. Building staff struggled to keep up with the pileup of packages, which were often stolen. Building staff, owners, and residents knew they needed a better solution, but what?

That’s when Jason King, a member of the Homeowner’s Association at Trellis Fifth Avenue, found Parcel Pending smart lockers and the solution to their package problems.

About the Property
Gaslamp Quarter, downtown San Diego
Built in 2005
2 buildings, 149 units
33% of resident packages stolen before implementing Parcel Pending lockers
Limited space for managing mail and package deliveries
The Problem

Deliveries were left unsecured in the lobby, which resulted in some package thefts. Residents turned to the building’s engineer and janitor to hold their packages until they were able to retrieve them, tying up property operations and creating accountability issues.

The Solution

Parcel Pending partnered with the team at Trellis to design and implement a secure package management solution that fit all the property’s needs and unique space requirements .“We absolutely made the right choice with Parcel Pending,” says King. “Everyone loves how easy it is to use the lockers, and the Customer Service team has provided phenomenal support for both our owners and our residents.”

“We absolutely made the right choice with Parcel Pending. Everyone loves how easy it is to use the lockers, and the Customer Service team has provided phenomenal support for both our owners and our residents.”
Jason King, Homeowner’s Association Member, Trellis Fifth Avenue
The Results

Residents no longer need to check in with the building engineer if they want to secure their packages. By adding Parcel Pending lockers to their property, Trellis Fifth Avenue has seen a 100% reduction in package theft, and now has a beautiful and much-desired amenity to show to prospective owners and residents. “I’m thrilled,” King added. “I’ll tell anyone who wants to know how great we think Parcel Pending lockers are.”

Parcel Pending is the leading provider of package management solutions for residential, commercial, retail, and university properties in the United States and Canada. With nearly 3 million packages successfully delivered monthly, we offer a wide range of solutions that ensure the simple and secure delivery and retrieval of packages and online orders.