Sares-Regis Group

Parcel Pending smart lockers deliver special customer service for Sares-Regis Group properties in Southern California

About Sares-Regis Group:
Multifamily real estate development and investment firm
Formed in 1993
Owns/operates nearly 100 properties (~22,000 units) on the West Coast
35 communities in LA/OC/IE (~8,400 units, ~24,000 residents)
Began researching package lockers in 2012 due to steady increases in delivery volume
21 properties in LA/OC/IE using Parcel Pending locker solutions

Sandy Pedersen, Vice President of Operations at Sares-Regis Group, managed 35 communities in Los Angeles, Orange County, and parts of the Inland Empire. With significant experience at both the property-level and the development level, she has a firm understanding of the challenges that properties face when it comes to providing a premium, convenient living experience for residents.

Back in 2012, Pedersen noted a strong need for better package management systems, especially at newer properties that were dealing with lease-ups, new property openings, and resident orientation. Soon, more established properties began to request a fix for package management issues as well. That same year, she started tracking package volume and other productivity figures (e.g., staff time spent managing packages) to push for budget that would allow her properties to invest in parcel lockers. The approval process took roughly 2 years, but she was successful in making her case.

When Pedersen went to select a locker partner, she discovered that some SRG-managed properties already had a pre-existing locker vendor commitment. While the new package lockers were sorely needed and much appreciated, the installation process did not go as smoothly as expected. Pedersen knew there had to be a locker partner who could better serve the communities she was managing as well as the residents who live there. Since her first meeting with our team, she chooses Parcel Pending lockers whenever possible within contract constraints.

The Problem

While most of her colleagues only had to manage existing vendor installations at 1 or 2 properties, Pedersen herself had to manage multiple installations. So, when she started the planning process and immediately encountered delays and communication gaps with the vendor’s account team, she needed to become more involved in the process.

“No upfront cost was great until I was in charge of trying to execute it,” Pedersen said of the experience. Their technicians would pick installation sites without ever inspecting the property in person. Eventually, Pedersen started driving out to oversee site selection to ensure all accessibility and legal requirements were met. A project that was supposed to take 1 month, ended up taking over a year due to delays and service challenges.

And some of these properties are still experiencing issues post-installation. When the systems go down, residents wind up bogging down the properties’ emergency service lines trying to get to their packages. “It’s frustrating,” Pedersen says, “especially when you’re getting a call from someone who can’t get into their locker and is trying to get their medication.”

The Solution

Our significant multifamily experience was what drove Pedersen to choose Parcel Pending locker solutions for her remaining properties. “I’ve known Lori [Torres] for years, but when my industry colleagues using Parcel Pending started telling me about how great the lockers were, I knew it was time to invest,” Pedersen said.

The Parcel Pending team worked hand-in-hand with the various on-site teams to ensure installation went smoothly. “The team was so supportive and responsible in getting us through the planning and installation processes, and have provided tremendous support after installation,” Pedersen added. “My properties with Parcel Pending have had no real issues and any service items are resolved in a day or less. [They’re] a very customer service-oriented company.”

“My properties with Parcel Pending have had no real issues and any service items are resolved in a day or less. [They’re] a very customer service-oriented company.”
Sandy Pedersen, Vice President of Operations, Sares-Regis Group
The Results
Results for Sares-Regis Group:
Special customer service and support for property staff and residents
Time savings of as many as 18 hours per week previously spent on package management
Increased resident perception of safety at communities with Parcel Pending lockers

The Parcel Pending lockers have been a great investment for both property managers and their residents. The lockers have generated significant time and cost savings for leasing staff – with many saving as many as 18 hours per week of time previously spent on package management.

This is especially true for properties who struggled with finding room to accept packages in the leasing office. Before, properties reported that they had rooms completely filled with packages. “Sometimes the Assistant Manager would have boxes in their office!”, Pedersen says. “We lost countless hours to package management.”

Most importantly, the lockers provide an added perception of safety for both current and prospective residents. “People like convenience,” Pedersen reports. “They want everything now. That’s why next-day and two-day shipping is so popular. [Residents] want something delivered tomorrow, and they want to know that if they’re at work or that if the [leasing] office is closed that their goods are safe.”

When asked if the investment in Parcel Pending was worth it, Pedersen responded, “Absolutely. [Their] customer service is far superior. Now, when I go somewhere and they don’t have lockers, it’s odd.”

Parcel Pending by Quadient is the leading provider of package management solutions for residential, commercial, retail, and university properties in the United States and Canada. With over 4 million packages successfully delivered monthly, we offer a wide range of solutions that ensure the simple and secure delivery and retrieval of packages and online orders.

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