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Countless Students,
One Solution.

College students are among the largest groups of online shoppers in the world. Some estimates suggest that for every student approximately 31 packages are delivered every year, and this rate is expected to grow by more than 13% annually. That adds up to hundreds of thousands of packages to manage. This overwhelming crush of packages has led to overcrowded campus mailroom pick-up windows, exacerbated by limited pick-up hours and students crowding to retrieve their packages at the same time – when class is over. Our Parcel Pending team studied the problem and engineered reliable solutions that streamline the package delivery and pick-up process for campuses across North America. Parcel Pending package management solutions also:

1Based on an average of 31 packages per student, per year


The World is Our Campus.

Whether it’s interdepartmental mail, online deliveries or packages, we help to simplify the process of parcel delivery to everyone on campus. Our lockers allow couriers to make secure deliveries, and students to pick-up their packages any time of the day without bothering mailroom staff. We also offer customizable locker wraps to match school colors, mascots, and settings. We’ve thought of everything!

Advanced Analytics
at your Fingertips.

With Parcel Pending university package management solutions, you’ll have access to analytics and dashboards that provide instantaneous summaries that tell you how your lockers are being used, when stale packages need to be removed, and track locker turnover and capacity.

Look Who’s Talking.

See what everyone is saying about our lockers!

Finally a comprehensive solution to our package delivery conundrum.

Christine, EVP, Steadfast Companies

The lockers have changed our lives, we went from handing out 70 -100+ package a day, down to maybe 2-3 (oversized packages)!

Wanda, Property Manager

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