Ivy League Business School

Ivy League Business School Automates Mail Delivery with Best-in-Class Intelligent Parcel Locker Solution

The Challenge

Established in the 1900s, this Ivy League graduate business school needed to bring its service facilities supporting over 2,000 students, 600 of which live on-campus, into the 21st century. The university’s Office of Strategic Services was looking to accelerate the delivery of First-Class Mail® to its business students. Students receive business loan applications, checks, and other important mail that require immediate attention. In fact, getting critical mail into business students’ hands faster can give them a competitive advantage.

The mail services staff maintained 600 traditional combination lock mailboxes for its student residents. Traditional mailboxes are not equipped to alert students automatically when they receive mail. In some cases, mail would sit in a mailbox for days, which required mail services staff to contact students personally. Annual maintenance costs were in excess of $30,000 per year and included reassignment and combination changes on all units.

It was important for the customer to replace its antiquated mailbox system with the latest technology. The customer was committed to upgrading its mailing facilities regardless of a return on investment (ROI) to provide enhanced service and a better experience for its students.

The Solution

Intelligent Parcel Lockers would allow students to pick up mail 24/7, from any of the locker compartments. It would automatically notify the student by email when they had mail with an easy digital access code. To add another layer of convenience, Parcel Pending by Quadient recommended placing the locker system near the mail services center to reduce delivery time, as the current mailboxes were in a different building. The customer saw the potential savings right away with the elimination of combination locks and database of mailbox ID’s as well as the reduction in annual maintenance costs. However, the expected ROI was not the deciding factor but an added benefit. As an Ivy League institution, living up to its high standards, in every aspect of the university including mail services, was a key consideration. This new, secure, self-service solution would help reinforce their overall position as a best-in-class institution.

Before After
Antiquated combination-lock mailboxes Secure, 24/7 self-service mail/parcel pick-up
High annual maintenance costs Automatic notification, easy retrieval access
Centralized student mail center
Reduced delivery time and maintenance costs
The Result

The university is extremely happy with the intelligent locker solution and its partnership. The students love the ease of the digital code and touchscreen access to retrieve their mail. It has also eased the burden for the mail staff. The customer has been so pleased that it recently implemented an additional 154 large box system to accommodate inbound packages for the students. The University’s Manager of Office Strategic Services has been a great advocate for the Parcel Pending by Quadient solution, sharing with his peers at other schools the positive impact it has had in his area and within this Ivy League campus.

Key Customer Benefits
Expense Control
Labor Reduction
Process Improvement
Customer Satisfaction

Moving their mail services into the 21st Century, this prestigious business school found not only gains in overall satisfaction from students and staff but unexpected cost savings in reduced annual maintenance costs.

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