Commercial Parcel Lockers

Don’t just improve the tenant experience, make it SPECIAL.

How We Solve the Problem

  • Eliminate up to 24 hours of time wasted each week handling and sorting packages1
  • Unified platform provides visibility, security, and delivery efficiency
  • Tenants receive instant delivery notifications and can retrieve packages contact-free at their convenience
  • Full chain-of-custody for mail, packages, laptops, tech equipment and accessories, important documents, and more
  • Reduce package delivery time by up to 78%2

1Based on an average of 60 packages per day, 6 days per week, at 1 hour per 15 packages.
2Survey conducted by a commercial property using Parcel Pending drop boxes for businesses.

How it Works

Provide a safe, modern corporate campus experience with commercial parcel lockers

Step 1
Tenant places order online
Step 2
Courier delivers directly into the locker
Step 3
Tenant receives instant delivery notification
Step 4
Tenant can retrieve order 24/7 from locker

Parcel Pending Benefits

Flexible API Integrations

100% Deliverability

Custom Configurations

Unified Platform

Contactless Pick-Ups and Returns

Embedded Tracking


Installations Worldwide


Packages Delivered


Users Served

What Makes Parcel Pending SPECIAL

Differences Parcel Pending Other Vendors
Global Pioneer in Package Management
Integrated Asset Tracking Software
Contact-Free Package Retrieval
Mobile App
Unified Communication Platform
Extended Warranty
Built-In Camera System
Package Room Connected to Lockers
Package Tracking Using Courier or Order Barcode
Returns/Outbound Functionality


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The World's Smartest Locker

Our industry-leading technology eliminates your package problems. At Parcel Pending, our goal is to provide our customers with the best package management solution on the market.

Contactless Pick-Up

SPECIAL Moments Created with Parcel Pending




Parcel Pending by Quadient is a pioneering smart locker provider that continues to innovate and we are thrilled to go to market with their solutions. They are a trusted and valued partner that will bring in-depth knowledge, expertise, and know-how to solving our customers’ package management needs.

Dale Swanson, Founder & CEO, Ubiquia Inc.


I am so pleased with the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of [the locker] solutions. The attentiveness and level of service has exceeded our expectations.

Vincente S., Director of Operations and Facilities, Global Television Network