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Here’s an interesting fact: 53% of employees nationwide make online purchases while on the job. Here’s another fact, the incidence of package loss and theft has increased with the growing rate of parcel delivery. As a result, more and more employees are having their online purchases delivered to their offices creating a tremendous burden on property managers, mailroom staff and employees. Parcel Pending has the solution. Our secure and durable, self-service electronic commercial parcel lockers ease the burden of package management by offering a quick, easy and convenient way to deliver and retrieve a variety of packages. Parcel Pending workplace lockers and package management solutions also:

1Based on an average of 60 packages per day, 6 days per week, at 1 hour per 15 packages
2Survey conducted by a commercial property utilizing a Parcel Pending drop boxes for businesses


Happy Mailroom, Happy Tenants.

Savvy commercial property owners understand that online purchases are extremely common and want to make it convenient for their employees to manage their package deliveries and retrieval while at work. They do so by providing Parcel Pending industrial lockers as a premium amenity. We partner with commercial properties to design lockers for office spaces that will enhance their employee services while saving valuable time and reducing their operating costs.

Do Less Save More.

Parcel Pending aims to simplify daily operational processes for its commercial partners so they can spend less time accepting, logging, sorting and distributing packages and more time doing what they do best.

Look Who’s Talking.

See what everyone is saying about our durable lockers and storage solutions!

Parcel Pending has restored at least 4 hours per day to my front desk associate… not to mention all the space we are now able to utilize in our office. Account Managers and Customer Service teams are exceptional.

Brittany Keleman, Community Manager, The Carlyle

The lockers have changed our lives, we went from handing out 70 -100+ package a day, down to maybe 2-3 (oversized packages).

Wanda A. Basil, Manager

It’s awesome! It actually saves me time and I like knowing the deliveries are secure and not just left at the door.

Francisco B., FedEx Driver

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