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Office Security: 5 Strategies to Maximize Workplace Safety

Office security is essential for maintaining a safe and productive work environment. A proper workplace security system safeguards the well-being of employees, tenants, and the property managers tasked with overseeing the operations, critical infrastructure, and sensitive information in a commercial building or space. Office security systems not only ensure you are prepared when emergencies happen but also lower the risk that a crime or security risk will occur in the first place.

The importance of a secure office environment

A strong office security strategy helps make the office safe for employees/tenants and protects the company from security issues such as theft, cyber threats, and more. Office security systems should also keep you compliant with any laws, regulations, or workplace security certifications in your country or region.

In most workplaces nowadays, there’s a lot to protect – among these being sensitive information, critical infrastructure, and confidential data. That’s why security solutions in an office or other commercial space should involve more than fire drills or access control. They should include a range of factors and innovative office technology to make the workplace a safe, healthy, and inviting environment. Understanding what your security measures protect is the first step to ensuring your employees/tenants prioritize it while they are at work. Here are four reasons why office security should be a crucial priority in your workplace.

#1 Office security ensures employees/tenants and visitors safe

The first and most important priority when it comes to security in your office space should be your employees/tenants. Implementing and abiding by workplace safety and office security measures has a direct impact on how safe employees/tenants and visitors will feel upon entering the workspace. When people feel safe, it can improve employee confidence, reduce employee turnover, and even improve the impression your company makes on clients.

#2 Office security solutions protect sensitive data and systems

In 2023, 52% of organizations reported suffering a recent data breach, up from 49% in 2022, and 39% in 2021.1 To meet these new and persistent information security challenges, 51% of respondents to a Splunk survey are planning investments that combine cyber resilience with traditional business continuity and disaster recovery plans.2 Robust cyber security measures, a solid information security system, and an interconnected, secure IoT ecosystem help protect sensitive data from cyber threats (e.g., phishing), as well as the privacy of your employees/tenants and customers.

#3 Office security assists with access control

With employees/tenants returning to work and client visits resuming, monitoring and controlling access for office visitors becomes more important. A strong office security plan should account for an access control system that allows you to customize and track access to the office space and amenities or features within it,. Thiscan help prevent unwanted intruders from entering your building or office space and/or accessing unauthorized areas.

#4 Office security keeps your organization compliant

Organizations must be aware of compliance as it relates to laws, regulations, and security certifications, as any failures in compliance can be costly. In fact, the average total cost of non-compliance exceeds $14 million and is ranked by Deloitte as one of the top drivers of reputation risk.3,4 Prioritizing office security puts your organization closer to maintaining compliance with any governing bodies it reports to.

5 strategies to improve office security for your office space or building

Enlisting colleagues, employees, and tenants in highlighting security problem areas is a great way to start and to create a workplace where safety and security are an integral part of the environment. Ready to take the next steps to improve your office security plan? Here are five strategies you can implement to improve office security for your office space or building.

#1 Safety training for tenants and employees

Training employees and tenants not only emphasizes the importance of overall office safety and security in the workplace but it also helps ensure that everyone is “on the same page” when it comes to dealing with emergencies, however big or small.

#2 Keeping areas clean

Keeping things tidy in an office or other commercial setting can be a critical factor when it comes to ensuring the safety of employees/tenants, colleagues, and coworkers. A clean workplace, free of debris and clutter, is better organized and more efficient. Taking this into account for your full-time or hybrid office design makes access easier, and significantly lowers the risk of accidents or mishaps.

#3 Improving building signage

Going above and beyond fire regulations and clearly indicating important areas with well-designed and thoughtful signage in an office or other commercial property can help keep employees/tenants and visitors safe by making it easy to navigate the space. It also improves safety protocols by making emergency exits and gathering points easier to see and find.

#4 Scheduling regular meetings with employees/tenants about security

Ensuring that the property manager is aware of employees’/tenants’ security issues is important. Regular one-on-ones are an excellent opportunity for managers to propose new solutions and address any concerns.

#5 Using parcel lockers to secure deliveries and other valuables

Improving security for your commercial tenants and/or employees also means making it easier for them to safely store valuables. It’s also important to safeguard package deliveries, particularly for high-value items like laptops and other electronics, if no one is available to receive them. Parcel Pending by Quadient’s smart parcel lockers provide a safe and easy-to-use solution that saves staff time and lowers the risk of loss or theft while keeping employees’/tenants’ valuables secure.

As well as helping manage parcel deliveries, smart commercial lockers serve as a quick and cost-effective security solution for companies with employees who work from home and need access to items in a manner that fits with their out-of-office schedule.

The security equation for commercial property managers and office managers is changing. Parcel Pending by Quadient parcel lockers/electronic lockers are an integral part of that new solution. Ready to add commercial parcel lockers to your office security measures? Speak to one of our package management experts today.



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