Global Television Network

Global Television Network Enhances Its Internal Customer Experience with Intelligent Parcel Locker Solution

The Challenge

The global television corporate campus is over 100,000 square feet with over 2,200 employees and growing. The customer runs a 24/7 facility with many employees working 12 to 14-hour days. In a demanding as well as competitive industry like media, retaining employees can be a challenge. For this reason, the customer offers many on-site amenities and services like daycare, car wash, dry cleaning, and personal IT for home laptops to their employees to promote an enticing and desirable work environment. The customer actively seeks ways to improve operations and unique benefits that can help secure their position as an exemplary facility. The Network considers their offices to be a showcase for their affiliates around the world.

The TV Network had a full suite of competitor products and solutions for mailing and shipping (inbound and outbound). However, they were struggling with the limited features, legacy technology, and lack of support or upgrades. The vendor’s offerings could not work in a virtual environment and provided a loose chain of custody. The Network prides itself on setting the bar as a technological leader. In this regard, the existing solutions were falling short of their goals and were not scalable to the extent that the customer desired.

Business Impact

Risk Mitigation Expense Control Customer Engagement
Full visibility, accountability and control of packages and assets across the enterprise, mitigating the risk of loss or delays. Automating manual functions makes their receiving and shipping process more accurate, efficient, and effective. Improved response time to internal customer requests and improved SLA’s, resulting in happier, more engaged employees.

The Solution

The TV Network’s Director of Operations and Facilities, reevaluated his vendor partner. For inbound shipping we recommended Quadient’s Web-Tracking System (WTS), a cloud-based system that provides an electronic chain of custody, from drop-off to delivery, as well as an enterprise level of visibility and control of all accountable items and assets. A cloud-based system would give much needed flexibility. Authorized users with credentials and privileges could search inquiries and access reports from any computer with internet access. While demonstrating the benefits of WTS, the conversation progressed to our Parcel Locker Solution. The Director of Operations and Facilities saw the value of the lockers as a valuable amenity for its employees for personal packages and was impressed by the simplicity of use and its 24/7 pickup availability. As a result, the Network installed one bank of Indoor Parcel Lockers with 100 doors for personal packages.

“I am so pleased with the speed, accuracy, and efficiency of the solutions. The attentiveness and level of service has exceeded our expectations.”
Vincente S., Director of Operations and Facilities

The Result

Employees are enjoying the added convenience of being able to pick up personal packages at work. In addition, the TV Network has replaced all their inbound and outbound mailing and shipping solutions from a leading competitor to Quadient. Along with parcel lockers, the new suite of products include Enhanced Mailing and Shipping (EMS) a multicarrier shipping station designed for high volume accounts; WTS Cloud, and a Mailing System with a weighing platform. The upgrade offers viable metrics, quicker processing and helps protect asset loss. Since the installation, the customer has benefitted from reduced labor time, along with better tracking and reporting. It has helped accelerate the department’s response time to internal stakeholders and elevated the Operation and Facilities department’s level of service.

With the goal of maintaining their reputation as an exemplary corporate campus, the TV Network set the bar as a technology leader with end-to-end inbound and outbound mailing and shipping solutions by Quadient.

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