Outdoor Lockers

Smart lockers, created with durable materials for any outdoor space, have advanced key features that seamlessly accept a wide range of deliveries and provide easy access for recipients

Outdoor Parcel Lockers

Durable & Strong

Double-reinforced 18-gauge, rolled steel construction; Weatherproof to avoid corrosion and rust, outdoor, UV-rated screen technology for outdoor use & durability

Temperature Controlled

Integrated kiosk and screen with air conditioning and heating for operation in extreme conditions and harsh environments


Designed to fit standard or short awning; programmable lighting optional


The keypad and touchscreen are located within an accessible range. Users with accessibility requirements can request items be delivered to lower-level lockers.


Capture signature when required. Includes photo capture when the recipient collects their parcel.


Multiple steel locker sizes are available to accept most packages.


Flexible API allows seamless integration with your software system and processes


Custom configurations and multiple colour and design options to match any aesthetic or branding.

Elevate Your Business with Quadient Outdoor Lockers

Efficient Package Delivery: Our outdoor lockers are purpose-built for seamless package delivery. Designed with advanced key features, they ensure that packages are securely stored and easily accessible to recipients, reducing the risk of missed deliveries and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.

Durable Steel  Metal Locker Construction: These outdoor lockers are constructed with high-quality materials built to withstand the rigours of outdoor use. The sturdy metal locker design not only provides longevity but also protects against rust and corrosion, ensuring your investment remains robust and reliable.

Enhanced Postal Service Collaboration: When you choose our outdoor lockers, you open the door to efficient collaboration with postal services. These lockers are designed to meet the standards and requirements of postal providers, making it easier for them to make successful deliveries and pickups.

All-Weather Reliability: An outdoor storage locker system for packages is engineered to excel in all weather conditions. Whether it’s scorching sun, heavy rain, or freezing cold, these lockers are up to the challenge, providing a consistent and dependable solution for your outdoor storage needs.

Seamless Easy Access: The hallmark of our outdoor lockers is their commitment to easy access. Recipients can retrieve their packages with ease, thanks to user-friendly interfaces and intuitive design. This easy access not only delights customers but also streamlines your package management process.

Incorporating outdoor storage lockers into your business operations means choosing a reliable, weather-resistant, and user-friendly solution that simplifies package delivery, meets postal service standards, and ensures the security of your valuable deliveries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

With their top-of-the-line weatherproofing, industrial grade steel, and a special, high-quality powder-coat finish maintaining the different colours and designs, our outdoor lockers are the ideal solution designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions to provide safe, secure package deliveries year-round. In fact, our outdoor locker systems are designed to last over a decade with exposure from rain, wind, humidity, and extreme temperatures from -13º F/-25º C to 122º F/50º C. Our steel lockers provide solutions until recipients are able to retrieve their packages.

Yes! We have a range of flexible pricing plans available, including lease and purchase options, plus a subscription option. Interested in a secure storage locker solution for your outdoor space? Get a quote today.

Yes! Recipients can use our free mobile app to receive delivery information and alerts, manage packages, and retrieve deliveries from the outdoor parcel locker contact-free with their smartphone. Want the Parcel Pending app on your device? Download it via Google Play or the App Store.

Simple, Quick, Contact-Free Package Retrieval

The Parcel Pending smartphone mobile app opens the locker door without touching a screen for easy access. Users can manage and retrieve their items faster and more easily with the mobile app.

Contactless Pick-Up
Instant Delivery Notifications
Easy Package Retrieval
Quick Account Updates
outdoor locker

Flexible Configurations to Fit Your Needs

Parcel Pending’s outdoor locker systems are designed and engineered specifically to meet your unique business needs and accept a wide range of deliveries. Regardless of the available additional storage space or design of your area, our talented engineering team will collaborate with your staff to create an electronic locker solution that maximizes the outdoor space you have available. Learn more about our related products below.



We would work with Quadient again in the future. Students have reacted positively to the lockers; space is no longer an issue and we now have an audit trail which is very useful.

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Michael Park Head Porter | University College Oxford


The flexibility of being able to collect parcels whenever residents want is much better as many collect in the evening. It’s also more secure. Residents love the parcel lockers, they’re really user-friendly and mean they can collect their parcels at any time. They’ve also taken pressure off staff who now have very little to do with parcel deliveries.

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Vicky Gill Lettings, Negotiator | Velocity Village


The automated locker is AMAZING! Fastest, easiest way I’ve ever done pick-up – and I do a lot.

Customer | Lowe's Home Improvement

Facilities Management

The parcel lockers have absolutely addressed the issue that we had space – in the post room and time management for staff as they no longer have to think about being called back when someone wants to collect a parcel.

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Parcel Pending by Quadient Customer | International Real Estate Services Firm