Join Our Open Locker Network

Lower Operational Costs
and Reduce Stops

Streamline First- and Last-Mile Logistics

Improve your business Operations while keeping up with consumer demands by joining our Open Locker Network. No need to buy, install, or support our lockers. We take care of costs and maintenance so you can focus on delivering the best experience for your drivers and customers.

  • Save time and reduce the number of driver stops by centralising deliveries and collections at convenient parcel locker locations
  • Lower your operational costs by up to 50%* by consolidating deliveries and returns to convenient parcel locker locations
  • Successful deliveries first time, eliminate the need for second or third delivery attempts when the consumer is not at home
  • Deliver 24/7 access for parcel collections and returns to exceed customer expectations through our Open Locker Network
  • Reduce the risk of package theft with our secure parcel locker solutions

*Based on client data; your results may vary

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Drop Box Lockers

Manage MORE parcel collections and returns with a minimal locker footprint

Drop Box is a revolutionary locker solution for carriers that maximizes operational efficiency and improves customer experience through an enhanced, self-service return option. Drop Box Lockers feature a built-in label printer, allowing customers to print return labels from the parcel lockers and place them directly into the deposit box at the locker terminal. In addition to returns, online orders can be collected and delivered to the lockers, making Drop Box an all-in-one solution to drive cost-savings and in-store footfall.

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Parcel Pending Benefits

Robust Software Integration Features

24/7 Parcel Accessibility

Prevents Package Theft

5-Star Service

Successful First Time Delivery

Flexible Business Models

How it Works: Delivery

Deliver a parcel into the locker in less than 30 seconds

Step 1
Delivery agent scans parcel barcode
Step 2
Delivery agent places parcel directly into locker
Step 3
Customer receives instant delivery notification
Step 4
Customer can retrieve order up to 24/7 from locker

How it Works: Returns

Collect returned parcels quickly and conveniently.
Returns for consumers are made even easier with our industry-first built-in label printer.

Step 1
Customer places an item in the locker for return
Step 2
Delivery agent logs into the locker system
Step 3
Delivery agent selects “unload parcels”
Step 4
Delivery agent can remove all return parcels

Robust UPI Integration for Seamless Deliveries & Returns

Joining as a carrier partner to our locker network, you can enjoy the benefits of Parcel Pending by Quadient’s robust API and UPI (Universal Partner Integration), including:

  • Leverage API and UPI (Universal Partner Integration) features to customise workflows and branding to meet your desired aesthetics and functionality
  • We can Integrate with delivery agent applications to make deliveries and collection even easier
  • Monitor locker locations in real time with business intelligence reporting features
  • Partner with our team to create custom features that meet your business’ unique needs

Be a Leader in Sustainability

Reduce emissions and waste with each delivery, re-delivery, and return. By consolidating first- and last-mile delivery activities to centralised locker locations along existing driver routes, you can deliver multiple packages to one location, rather than multiple locations. This creates delivery density, reducing vehicle miles traveled (VMT), dwell time, and overall environmental impact.

  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Decrease fuel consumption
  • Offer greener OOH alternatives
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