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Supercharge your BOPIS process
With our BOPIL Retail Solution.

Today’s shopper demands a seamless online and in-store shopping experience. As savvy retailers continue to innovate to deliver that experience in order to stay competitive, they are faced with the challenge of simultaneously generating additional in-store revenue and improving their staff efficiencies. That’s a tall order! According to a study by iVend Retail, nearly 60% of shoppers are currently using BOPIS. The same study revealed that 92% of shoppers believe that retailers could improve the process of BOPIS. Our engineers got right on it and designed BOPIL™, Parcel Pending’s Buy Online, Pick-up in Locker™ solution that delivers a streamlined and supercharged BOPIS process. If you are looking for an innovative way to advance your retail store, our click and collect systems may be your perfect solution. Our retail lockers:

Solutions for
Every Retailer.

We know that continually improving customer experience is essential. We also know that what goes on behind the scenes in retail is a complicated system of inventory control, staff allocation and data collection. Parcel Pending designs click and collect lockers and delivery solutions to meet every need that retailers may have, including refrigerated lockers for deliveries that include:

• Meals and/or meal kits
• Groceries
• Flowers/Gifts
• Wine/Beer/Spirits
• Prescriptions/Medications
• Cosmetics

Advanced Analytics
at your Fingertips.

With Parcel Pending Buy Online, Pick-up in Locker™ solutions, you’ll have access to analytics and dashboards that provide an instant summary of how your click and collect locker systems are being utilized.

Partners Love Us.

We don’t have clients, we have partners. Parcel Pending is here to partner with you and provide the perfect BOPIL™ solution to streamline your BOPIS process.

Improve Staff Efficiencies

Learn how a Fortune 500 retailer decreased their average BOPIS checkout time to 25 seconds with our Buy Online Pick-up in Locker solution.

Enhance Customer Experience

Learn how to empower mCommerce and eCommerce customers with faster product acquisition.


How BOPIL Works.

Consumers are frequently selecting the option to buy online, pick-up in store (BOPIS) to retrieve their online purchases. Parcel Pending has taken this solution one-step further and uses a Buy Online Pick-up, in Locker (BOPIL) approach to further streamline the order retrieval process and the retailer’s omnichannel system.  If you are looking for a safe and effective way to fulfill orders and deliver products, our retail locker solutions can help. Surpass customer expectations, improve inventory management, and boost your customer’s shopping experience with one of our BOPIS retail lockers today.

Look Who’s Talking.

See what everyone is saying about our lockers!

That was the fastest way of picking up a merchandise!

Retail Customer

The lockers are great because we can set it and then do other stuff. We are so much more productive.

Chad - Store Manager

Loved this! So easy and quick, they should be in all stores.

Retail Customer

It’s much easier for the customer. They don’t have to wait around for us to go and find their order.

Store Associate

My first time using locker pickup. It was very easy to use. I was in and out of the store quicker than expected. I will definitely use the service again!!!

Retail Customer

It was AWESOME! My six-year-old did the whole transaction. 🙂 She can’t wait to do it again!

Retail Customer

I love the new pick up service!!!! It makes me want to order more online!!!

Retail Customer

I love this concept. This experience was much faster than waiting for an associate to locate my order. Wonderful!!

Retail Customer

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