Deliver More for Your Residents in 2024 and Beyond with Parcel Pending PLUS

In today’s fast-paced world, the need for secure and accessible package management solutions for your residents has evolved from a luxury to a necessity. The National Apartment Association recently highlighted that the ability to receive packages securely has become one of the most sought-after amenities among residents.1 A 2023 NBRI survey of apartment residents saw smart lockers climb from the third to the second most valued amenity, just behind secure parking; in 2024 they continue to be seen as the #2 amenity.

Parcel Pending by Quadient, a leading provider of smart lockers with a global presence and a customer base of over 4 million residents, is stepping up its game in 2024. We’re introducing new products that maximize efficiency, lower management staffing costs, offer more convenience, and boost resident satisfaction and retention. Our scalable solutions are designed to meet your needs as your property needs grow and change.

MORE Features: Introducing Parcel Pending PLUS

Meeting the needs of both property managers and residents was paramount in developing Parcel Pending PLUS. This solution delivers all the convenience of the existing Parcel Pending solutions, while adding these key benefits:

  • Automated Resident Registration — Boost resident usage of smart lockers with faster, easier registration to ensure 100% deliverability.
  • Resident Convenience — Residents can pick up multiple packages from the same carrier in one locker rather than scanning two or more codes to retrieve parcels. This also frees up locker space. Further, the new software displays an on-screen locker locator to make retrieval more accessible and faster. In addition, we’ve extended vacation mode, improved customer support for lost codes, and added account support when moving between properties.
  • Expanded Utility — You can now grant one-time access to lockers for non-residents, such as maintenance personnel, pet walkers, or those on self-guided tours. What’s more, we’ve introduced dedicated zoning for community management tasks, including handling leases, eviction notices, and deliveries for amenities like the concierge, gym, or pool.
  • Better Analytics — With real-time operational dashboards, alerts, and a Business Intelligence portal, you get real-time insights and alerts on locker system performance. Management capabilities are further enhanced with sub-account control for roommates, the ability to conduct surveys at lockers, and security notification alerts.
  • New Automation Tools — Expedite carrier delivery with features like Fast-Loading mode and indicators for when lockers require cleaning or are out of service.
  • Enhanced Customer Support — Residents have easy access to a US-based call center when support is needed. Multifamily property managers have access to an exclusive resource guide, in-house service technicians, and a Property Success team.

MORE Solutions: Embracing Small and Oversized Lockers

With the rise in online shopping and the increasing demand for package deliveries, managing parcels efficiently has become critical to providing a convenient living experience. Enter the M23 (small) and Oversized Lockers, two versatile solutions designed to accommodate resident packages of all shapes and sizes.

The Case for M23 (Small) Lockers

Parcel Pending’s M23 lockers are a marvel in space optimization and efficiency. Available in both indoor and outdoor options, these lockers maximize your available space while seamlessly accommodating smaller poly bags (such as those usually received from Amazon). M23 lockers are designed with versatility in mind. Each mid-sized tower boasts 23 doors, providing more lockers per square foot, thereby maximizing your use of valuable floor space.

Despite their narrower locker width and tower footprint, M23 lockers operate identically to existing Parcel Pending lockers. This means you can maintain a consistent user experience while servicing more residents simultaneously — a crucial feature during peak periods like huge online sales and holidays.

The Necessity of Oversized Lockers

While smaller lockers like the M23 handle a significant volume of packages, there’s an undeniable need for solutions that cater to larger deliveries. Parcel Pending’s Oversized Lockers were purpose-built for properties aiming to offer an automated, convenient pickup option for extra-large and oversized goods. Whether residents have a bicycle, bedding, or kitchen appliance delivered, these lockers provide a smart solution accommodating many of their larger orders.

One of the standout features of the Oversized Lockers is their ability to fully integrate with existing locker solutions. In short, you can smoothly transition to accommodate more package sizes without disrupting your current operations. As your property’s needs grow, you can easily add more locker towers, ensuring scalability and future-proofing your package management system.

MORE Efficient: Saving Time & Labor Costs

For community managers, adopting Parcel Pending lockers helps streamline operations and significantly enhance resident satisfaction and retention. For example, Brickell on the River, a luxury condominium community stretching over two Miami towers, received 500 packages daily. The property management team was overwhelmed by the need to manually log, sort, and re-distribute these deliveries. This labor-intensive process slowed package handling and led to occasional issues with damaged or misplaced parcels.

Residents would receive an email notification once their package was logged into the system, indicating it was ready for pick-up at their tower’s reception desk. However, they often received delivery notices from retailers or couriers as soon as their packages arrived at the property. Eager to collect their items, residents would rush to the reception desk before the packages were even processed, creating confusion and frustration for everyone involved.

After implementing smart lockers, the property saw a significant increase in resident satisfaction. The property processed over 6,000 monthly packages through the lockers, freeing up staff time and reducing headcount.

MORE Personalized Experiences

All Parcel Pending lockers include photo capture and optional cloud-based video surveillance for added security. Integration is also a breeze, thanks to a flexible API that allows seamless integration with your existing property management software system. Accessibility is another key benefit, as these lockers are ADA-compliant, ensuring easy access for all residents.

To top it all off, Parcel Pending lockers can be customized with wraps that match your property’s aesthetics or branding. This makes them an attractive and functional addition to your property. For instance, Venterra Realty, a property management and real estate company serving over 35,000 residents, chose to custom-wrap their lockers in a way that appeals to residents and acts as a property selling point.

MORE Innovation

Parcel Pending by Quadient is the industry’s most versatile and innovative smart parcel locker solution. We help properties deliver more for residents with our wide range of solutions – whether you’re looking to maximize efficiency with high-volume lockers, accommodate large parcels with oversized lockers and package room solutions, or even keep items cool with our refrigerated lockers with individual compartments.

Ready to lock in your property’s package management solution? Contact a Parcel Pending representative today.


  1. National Apartment Association. 5 Key Consumer Preferences of Renters. April 26, 2023.