Boosting BOPIS and BORIS security through video surveillance

Over the past few years, Buy Online, Pick-Up In-Store (BOPIS) has emerged as a popular shopping method for consumers, offering a reliable, free, and often faster way for them to receive their online orders. BOPIS is a secure alternative to home delivery and is particularly advantageous for customers who trip-chain, whereby they combine errands or other activities into one outing rather than returning home between them. Its counterpart, Buy Online, Return In-Store (BORIS), is popular with consumers for the same reason, delivering a free and convenient way to return any unwanted online purchases.

However, with the rise of BOPIS and BORIS offerings comes a higher chance for fraud, posing a significant threat to retailers. To deter potential fraud and uphold the integrity of these processes, retailers can rely on key solutions to create a more secure environment and reduce inventory shrinkage. These measures not only safeguard the delivery and return processes but also uphold customer expectations for convenient delivery, order collection, and returns.

Below, we look at these different solutions and how they contribute to safeguarding your retail business while enhancing your customer experience.

BOPIS and BORIS fraud pose challenges for retailers

BOPIS fraud has become increasingly common, resulting in a significant loss for retailers who are not able to catch it in time. BOPIS fraud may involve fraudsters ordering items online for in-store collection and failing to pay upon pickup, exploiting a lack of fraud detection mechanisms in the BOPIS process that would typically alert the store to an item that needs to be paid for when it is collected. Alternatively, fraudsters may exploit quick cancellations, placing an order online, canceling it moments later, and collecting the original order before store associates are notified of the cancellation.

BORIS fraud is an equally prevalent issue. This type of return fraud occurs when someone orders a product and returns a different item for a refund (e.g., returning a box of bricks instead of a television) or claims they never received a purchase when they actually did. Alternatively, it can happen when fraudsters return merchandise purchased with counterfeit currency or with a counterfeit receipt.

Both types of fraud cause profit loss and headaches for retailers, as they have to unravel the cause and take any necessary actions to prevent the same problem from occurring in the future.

Retail parcel lockers are an important tool for securing customer orders and returns

Retail parcel lockers have become a top solution for creating more organized and seamless delivery, collection, and return processes. Instead of waiting in long lines or navigating crowded pickup areas, customers can simply retrieve their items from or return them to a designated locker at their convenience. This not only reduces in-store wait times but also enhances the overall customer experience, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.

Retail lockers streamline the order fulfillment process, freeing up valuable staff time and resources. Retailers can also more efficiently manage incoming orders and ensure timely fulfillment and returns processing, even during peak periods. These solutions not only improve operational efficiency but also enable retailers to meet customer expectations for fast and convenient order pick-up and timely returns processing.

Retail parcel lockers also offer a number of benefits in terms of security and theft prevention. For instance, they enable retailers to maintain a consistent overview of all orders entering and exiting the locker system. Additionally, parcel lockers are made of a robust, steel construction, safeguarding customer orders from the elements, particularly if installed outdoors. Furthermore, their tamper-proof construction ensures that only authorized individuals can access the locker boxes, minimizing the risk of theft or fraud.

Ensure more security at your stores with parcel locker video surveillance cameras

Retailers prioritize customer safety, especially when collecting or dropping off orders at a parcel locker. By adding surveillance cameras to the lockers, retailers can deter and detect fraudulent activities, monitor activity in real-time, and capture high-definition video footage.

In the rare and unfortunate event of suspicious activity or potential retail fraud around the locker system, parcel locker video surveillance cameras can play a crucial role in incident investigation. With detailed video footage of locker interactions, retailers can conduct thorough investigations, identify perpetrators, and gather evidence for legal proceedings if necessary. This streamlined approach to incident management empowers retailers to swiftly address security incidents and protect both their customers and their interests.

Bringing safety to the forefront of your business

When selecting a parcel locker vendor, it’s essential to partner with a reputable and experienced solution provider who puts security at the heart of their solutions, like Parcel Pending by Quadient. Our solutions include smart parcel lockers and video surveillance cameras, which provide your business with the best tools to keep your customer orders and your business secure.

Contact us today to learn more about how Parcel Pending by Quadient can help make your retail store more secure.