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Parcel Pending Lite comes to the UK

Parcel Pending Lite – Introducing the Future of Automated Delivery

Hot on the heels of our global launch, Quadient’s Parcel Pending Lite solution – built to disrupt the landscape of parcel delivery as we know it – is now available in the UK, with its modular, easy-to-install design aimed at the retail and carrier markets.

Carriers and retailers continue to face increasing click-and-collect parcel volumes due to the growth of the e-commerce market and, more recently, from the COVID-19 crisis which has required the introduction of automated delivery solutions.

The addition of the Lite solution to Quadient’s parcel locker portfolio will meet businesses’ growing needs for automated parcel delivery and collection.

The Parcel Pending Lite Solution

The new Parcel Pending Lite solution helps accelerate the adoption of parcel lockers for businesses with a smaller physical location that handle lower parcel volumes. The compact, modular design allows easy installation and offers customers a modern, convenient, and easy-to-use parcel pick-up service.

It is flexible, too – businesses can choose from four different locker configurations to match their typical parcel volumes, adding additional boxes as activity grows. Parcel Pending Lite technology is designed to optimise overall total cost of ownership, thanks to its simple and quick set-up process and low maintenance costs.

“The ability to offer customers a wider range of flexible parcel delivery options has become more important than ever this year,” says Bren Standell, Quadient’s Commercial Director for Parcel Locker Solutions. “Parcel Pending Lite is designed to offer more choice to customers and to help retailers of all sizes ensure they can provide the right options – for both delivery and returns – to give customers more convenience and, ultimately, improve satisfaction and increase return custom.”

Strengthen Customer Experience and Drive Revenue

Parcel Pending Lite enables fast, easy, and convenient customer self-service for online orders. By offering click-and-collect services to customers via the Lite solution, businesses return valuable time to employees while also enabling a more tailored experience for customers. “Now that this pick-up process is optimised and automatic, we can be there much more for our customers in terms of assistance and support, said Pierre Bouyer, a Kiabi Store Manager – a Parcel Pending Lite customer. “We are bypassing the need for our employees to sprint between the checkout and the fitting rooms. The lockers mean we can be on top of things professionally.”

Additionally, the Lite solution helps retailers to increase foot traffic in shops, driving additional in-store purchases for a higher revenue potential.

To find out more on how the Parcel Pending Lite could benefit you, contact us today.