Delivering the Goods for Ireland’s 50,000 New Homes

How parcel lockers can help property management teams and developers keep pace with the booming tech economy

With sixteen of the world’s top 20 tech companies now calling Ireland home, the tech economy is booming. This has brought more than 37,000 jobs, attracting skilled workers worldwide. At the same time, Ireland is dealing with higher demands for housing – with the Banking and Payments Federation Ireland predicting 50,000 new homes will be built across 2022 and 2023.

Like many other cities, Dublin is increasingly looking at high-density housing in order to meet demands. Yet the residents of these neighbourhoods will have high expectations to match. Whether it’s tech workers, students, or long-term residents looking to get on the housing ladder, 21st-century consumers demand a certain level of service.

When they get home from a busy shift, residents certainly don’t want to be queuing for half an hour to retrieve a parcel, or worse, find the concierge or front-of-house staff have gone home for the evening. This could prevent somebody from wearing a new outfit purchased specifically for a special night out, or even delay an important work project if a laptop is left locked in a parcel room overnight. These scenarios would not only damage the relationship with community management teams, but also ultimately lower the chances of renters renewing their contracts, having a knock-on impact on property management companies and developers.

Residents: 24/7 access to parcels

Parcel Pending by Quadient is here to stop this problem dead in its tracks with secure, self-service electronic parcel lockers whose modular design means they can fit into any space. People who live or work in almost any building can have 24/7 access to parcel deliveries. Residents will be notified once a parcel is delivered to their locker and can use the pin code/barcode within the notification to retrieve their item, giving recipients peace of mind that their parcels are safe, and they have immediate access.

Property management teams: Easing the burden

As well as driving up resident satisfaction, lockers also enable management teams to focus on key tasks, rather than running their own small-scale delivery fulfilment centre. It takes around four minutes to receive, log, and store a parcel, inform the recipient, and finally distribute it – all time that management teams could be spending elsewhere, repeated multiple times per day. These disruptions are coming thick and fast, with An Post delivering 56 million packets and parcels in its last reporting year – meaning property management teams could lose endless hours a day to parcel deliveries. Streamlining the process allows them to focus on their core task of helping residents with other queries and up-selling additional services.

Developers: Cutting traffic and ‘selling’ communities

The future of high-density housing depends on making the best use of the space available and limiting the negative impact on local communities and surrounding areas. Parcel Pending by Quadient smart lockers guarantee successful deliveries are made first time, reducing the need for multiple delivery attempts. This not only cuts congestion and pollution in the local area, it’s also a selling point for new communities, demonstrating that developers are taking tangible steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Raising standards across the board

Quadient has nearly 17,000 installations worldwide, helping four million users access more than 72 million packages a year. Now Ireland will start to feel the benefits.

For the residential market, ultimately parcel lockers help meet the needs of time-poor workers in the booming economy: residents will have access to parcels at a time that suits them, and they can be welcomed into their building by a friendly face who has the time to engage with them and support with queries when needed.

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