Jamboree Management


Jamboree Management is a professional real estate firm providing full-service property management and consulting services for a variety of income-producing properties throughout Southern California and New Mexico. For over 35 years, they have leveraged their expertise in managing multifamily properties.

About Jamboree Management:
Provides property management and consulting services for multifamily properties and other income-producing properties
Based in Southern California
Manages 67 properties (4960 residential units) in California and New Mexico
Proudly serves ~12,400 residents
Identified need for lockers based on excessive staff time/labor spent managing packages
Based upon Parcel Pending’s significant industry experience, management didn’t consider other smart locker vendors
7 properties using Parcel Pending by Quadient smart lockers

The Problem: Packages Stealing Staff Time & Resources

Between office closures during COVID and the growth in package deliveries, the previous system of having packages delivered to residents’ doors and/or property offices were no longer sustainable. As Jeff Harris, Senior Vice President explains: “I’d come to visit a property and find the offices jam-packed with packages. And, in the two-hour site meetings, the staff would constantly need to get up to deliver packages.” In some cases, it could take a day to process the prior day’s packages.

“Our teams were becoming mail clerks rather than leasing consultants!”
Jeff Harris, Senior Vice President, Jamboree Management

Before lockers, each property’s package management process relied upon time and effort from its leasing office staff: they had to store packages if the resident wasn’t home, sign for oversize packages, act as mail clerks for resident package retrieval, track down parcels, and sometimes even deliver parcels inside a resident’s unit!

Furthermore, some properties had on-site package storage rooms that unfortunately became prime targets for “building bandits” helping themselves to unguarded parcels.

The Solution: Smart Lockers Delivering Staff Efficiency & Parcel Security

Jamboree Management knew it had to embrace smart lockers to free up staff time and improve parcel security. Based upon Parcel Pending by Quadient founder Lori Torres’ significant background and experience in multifamily, Jamboree’s executive team saw no need to interview other vendors.

Parcel Pending’s industry-leading technology allows residents to automatically get notified when they receive a package. The delivery alert provides them with a unique access code that they manually enter or a barcode they can scan for contact-free access to their delivery. Best of all, management staff is out of the equation, lowering labor hours up to 24 hours weekly.

The Results: Stress-Free Staff & Happier Residents

Results for Jamboree Management
Leasing personnel gained time & remain focused on other important responsibilities
Parcel theft and break-ins virtually eliminated
Gained a competitive advantage over other properties
Package retrieval available immediately, 24/7 for residents, boosting satisfaction

With Parcel Pending’s smart lockers, virtually all the headaches associated with parcel management disappeared. No longer were leasing office personnel getting interrupted to deal with package issues. Susie Mace, New Mexico Area Manager at Jamboree Management succinctly states it this way: “It’s made [on-site teams] way less stressed.”

Another often overlooked benefit of the lockers is focus. Interactions with potential residents, for example, have become distraction-free, allowing for better discussions and results.

Their resident happiness quotient also got a boost. Residents at Jamboree Management communities now enjoy simple, immediate, 24/7 package retrieval and secure package storage.

Parcel Pending by Quadient is the leading provider of package management solutions for residential, commercial, retail, and university properties in the United States and Canada. With over 4 million packages successfully delivered monthly, we offer a wide range of solutions that ensure the simple and secure delivery and retrieval of packages and online orders.

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