Package Theft Prevention Tips

I think we can all agree: online shopping is awesome. There’s nothing like purchasing from the convenience of your own home. You can compare prices, read reviews, and find exactly what you’re looking for. Let’s not forget that rush of excitement when your package is delivered.

Those who live in a multifamily apartment understand that multifamily apartment package delivery is increasing. Packages are typically delivered right outside your door. But what if you discover that your package is missing? Because, when you tracked your delivery with your provided tracking number, it said it was placed at your door – but it isn’t there. You might be a victim of package theft.

Multifamily Apartments Are Especially Vulnerable

Unfortunately, package theft is common, especially as we near the holiday season. A 2017 report from found that nearly 26 million Americans had packages stolen during the holidays. It’s all too tempting for a “porch pirate” or a package thief to swipe your purchases from your doorstep. Nothing is stopping package thieves.

Package Theft by The Numbers

Let’s check out some package delivery statistics on theft based on a 2017 study done by Shorr Packaging Corporation. Out of the 1,000 people surveyed:

  • 31% have lost packages to theft.
  • 35% send packages to places besides their homes to avoid theft.
  • 53% have changed plans to wait for their package to avoid theft.

As you can see, package security is a significant problem. If you are the property manager of a multifamily apartment, you’ve likely dealt with missing package or stolen package inquiries from your residents. You might be feeling helpless as to what you can do. Don’t worry; we have solutions to help you prevent package theft.

How to Seek Package Theft Remediation

If a resident has noticed a missing package, here are some steps they can take to determine if it was stolen:

  • Call residential services to find out if the package was delivered elsewhere.
  • Confirm that the correct address was used during the purchase.
  • Check any available security camera surveillance footage.

Once it’s been confirmed that the lost package was likely due to theft:

  • File a claim with the police.
  • Report the stolen package to the seller and ask for redelivery.
  • If the seller doesn’t help, contact the carrier for assistance.

While these steps can remedy theft, theft prevention is a much better alternative. Fortunately, there are a number of measures available to help you prevent package theft.

Package Theft Prevention Tips

Porch pirates are prevalent because there is little security standing in their way. Thus, a secure package delivery system revolves around increasing security for the best forms of package theft prevention.

#1 Intercept Packages in Person

One way to ensure that packages won’t be stolen is to intercept them in person. Recommend that residents stay home during their scheduled delivery time. If this isn’t possible, they can ship packages to a workplace or a family member’s home.

However, if you are the owner of a multifamily apartment, this solution might leave residents feeling like they have to fend for themselves. Since shipping to a home address is preferable to 92% of people, you want to make this a viable option.

#2 Install Video Surveillance

Installing security cameras, like ones attached to a doorbell, might be your best apartment safety solution when trying to incorporate more package theft protection. Security camera selections, nowadays, often incorporate smart doorbells and mobile app integrations. In addition to these cameras, we’ve all seen those signs that say, “Smile, You’re on Camera!” There’s something about knowing you’re being watched that changes a thief’s behavior.

In the case of porch pirates, it may be enough to stop thieves in their tracks from stealing. No one likes being caught red-handed.

As a landlord, you can invest in apartment-wide video surveillance. Make sure these apartment home security system solutions and surveillance cameras are made known to potential thieves. If stealing takes place, you can catch the person responsible. In turn, your residents will appreciate the increased apartment home security system measures.

#3 The Best Solution: Smart Lockers

The most comprehensive solution to preventing package theft is installing smart lockers. Smart lockers secure packages until your residents are ready to pick them up. The carrier simply places packages in the apartment package lockers, and then notifications are sent to the residents’ phone. They can rest easy knowing their package is safe and sound.

Since most package theft occurs when residents aren’t home, smart lockers eliminate any vulnerability. According to the Shorr study, 71% of people said they’d be comfortable having their packages delivered to secure lockers, rather than their doorstep.

Parcel Pending Smart Lockers: A One-Time Investment

Parcel Pending provides a cost-effective, theft prevention solution. Our smart lockers are a one-time investment that will pay out in dividends. Not only do they protect against theft, but they also automate the sorting and delivery process. This can save your staff over 24 hours a week of labor.

Parcel Pending’s smart lockers offer:

  • Centralized, secure package storage
  • Automated package sorting
  • Customizable design
  • API integrations
  • Improved resident satisfaction

As a landlord or property manager, you can eliminate the tasks associated with package sorting and package theft remediation with smart lockers. Most importantly, you’ll improve resident satisfaction. Parcel Pending’s electronic lockers have been shown to increase lease renewals by 40%!

Outsmart Porch Pirates Once and For All

Now that you understand the pervasive problem of package theft, it’s time to take action. Secure your multifamily apartment by installing Parcel Pending smart parcel lockers. They are the best overall package theft prevention solution available.


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