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Package Lockers for Contact-Free Package Deliveries – From Convenience to Necessity

Amid ongoing concerns about COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the multifamily industry has seen the number of residents working and attending classes from home dramatically increase. This change in resident lifestyle and mobility has made the services that property owners and managers provide to residents even more important. It has also presented the industry with some unprecedented challenges related to the importance of resident packages.
As a trusted industry partner, Parcel Pending has been closely monitoring the situation to ensure the continued level of service and support that we have always provided. In doing so, we have seen an important shift in the way residents are handling package deliveries using our service.
The increase in homebound residents has, not surprisingly, led to a corresponding increase in package deliveries as residents stock up on essentials like home supplies, groceries, and medications without going to physical storefronts. Online shopping has already changed the industry and its package management needs significantly. This shift from convenient to essential deliveries makes these packages more important than ever.

Industry Insight

With over 80 years of combined multifamily experience, Parcel Pending’s senior management uniquely understands the day-to-day challenges that property managers and residents face when it comes to package management. Our lockers are designed from the ground up to make package delivery and retrieval simple and secure for property managers, couriers, and residents.
This intentional design includes the development of features that also make it safer for residents to access their packages. Residents can scan a barcode or use our Bluetooth-enabled mobile app to open locker doors without having to use a touchscreen or keypad.
In light of the importance of social distancing practices, we’ve seen these features grow in importance and value to residents.

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The Emerging Contact-Free Trend

Since the start of social distancing and self-quarantine, there has been a significant increase in residents using features that enable contact-free package pick-up.
“In just five days, we saw a 46 percent increase in downloads and usage of the Parcel Pending mobile app,” said Lori Torres, CEO and founder of Parcel Pending. “We’re grateful that we’ve been able to proactively meet the needs of our multifamily partners and the growing desire among residents for contact-free pick-up options in the current environment.”
As contact-free delivery features become the norm for everything from grocery deliveries to leasing office operations, expect to see tools like package delivery locker systems shift from being a desired amenity to a property necessity.

Contact-Free Package Pick-Up with Parcel Pending

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There are two contact-free package pick-up methods available to properties with Parcel Pending lockers:

  • Barcode: Scan the barcode included in the Parcel Pending delivery notification (email or text) to open the locker door without having to use the touchscreen.
  • Parcel Pending Mobile App: Download the Parcel Pending mobile app (available for download on the App Store or Google Play Store). By scanning the barcode or pushing the button in the app notification, the locker door will open without having to use the touchscreen.

Parcel Pending users are already speaking highly of these features. “Your lockers, especially right now with all the social distancing, are even more helpful [than before],” says Bita, a Parcel Pending user based in Los Angeles.

Adding any new amenity may not be at the top of most properties’ to-do list right now. But if properties do need help with package management, Parcel Pending is available to help. Properties can reach out to a member of Parcel Pending’s team to find a solution that fits their property’s unique needs.