Fulfill More Locker Pickup Orders with Parcel Pending by Quadient’s New Oversize Locker Solution

Customers expect more streamlined experiences when picking up and returning merchandise. Trade professionals are no exception because time spent shopping for material puts a drag on productivity and cuts into their bottom line.

Parcel Pending by Quadient knows that in order for retailers and distributors to strengthen their omnichannel experience, they need a strong fulfillment strategy – one that creates a unified customer experience even when picking up larger items. To deliver convenience to B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) customers alike requires Oversize Lockers that are large enough to fulfill items such as building materials, sporting equipment, furniture, and gardening tools.

The introduction of our latest product offering, Oversize Lockers, enables distributors and retailers to further automate the checkout counter experience with the first-of-its-kind, fully integrated solution that can handle fulfillment of construction supplies as well as the panel or platform cart it’s transported on. Our Oversize Lockers can be used to fulfill up to 90% of items that are sold in stores.

Parcel Pending by Quadient worked closely with our retail customers in the United States and Europe to design and build a line of Oversize Lockers. The single-door version is available with either solid or mesh panels and our three-door module has solid panels. Modular in design, our Oversize Lockers can be added to our existing locker systems or custom configured for new installations to streamline business operations.

All solutions are fully integrated with Quadient’s centralized management platform. Our cloud-based platform provides monitoring in real-time, delivering the information you need when and where you need it. This includes information such as: locker availability and usage, stale package reports, reporting on KPIs, track and trace, and more business intelligence reports.

When businesses run more smoothly, order handling costs go down, resource constraints dissolve, and customers are happier. This is why an oversized parcel delivery solution make sense for businesses who are looking for new ways to compete in an evolving marketplace. Having a self-service fulfillment option that responds to when, where, and how both B2B and B2C customers prefer to return, pick up, and drop off merchandise makes sense.

With the addition of Oversize Lockers to our product line, our customers can build a consistently superior omnichannel buying experience for their B2B and B2C customers right down to the very last step of the buying process.

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Diana Gruhn Vice President of Product Marketing

Diana Gruhn is the Vice President of Product Marketing at Parcel Pending by Quadient, the brand that connects people with their packages through a secure, convenient, global Open Locker Network. A highly acclaimed product marketing executive, Diana has spent more than 20 years leading the go-to-market strategies for cloud-based cybersecurity solutions. She now leverages that experience to help businesses and the communities they serve find cost-effective, convenient, and sustainable ways to centralize first- and last-mile deliveries.