Better Customer Experience Means Delivering More

Whether your customer is a resident of a multifamily community, a university student, or a retail shopper who needs a special pair of shoes for tonight, these customers expect their packages to be delivered when promised and expect the pick-up process to be simple and convenient. Smart parcel lockers provide affordable, secure, on-demand access to packages. Lockers also help to increase your operational efficiency by removing your staff from the package management process and enabling them to focus on their other duties.

Below we look at some industries that are leveraging smart lockers to improve the customer experience, whether that customer is a shopper, resident, or university student.

Residential lockers for convenient, secure package retrieval

Lockers have become the go-to amenity in residential communities to ensure secure delivery of packages to hundreds, or even thousands, of recipients. (A recent National Apartment Association announcement shared that lockers are the #1 amenity for many residents). Residents don’t have to worry about porch pirates, as the locker ensures a secure, on-demand solution that meets their needs, on their schedule.

Lockers are helping university campuses evolve for the better

For university students eagerly awaiting a delivery or a comforting care package from home, lockers open up collection and deliveries to 24/7/265, removing the worry about the mailroom being closed when they get out of class. In addition to traditional package delivery and collection, lockers can also be used to:

  • Collect bookstore merchandise
  • Act as an exchange point for class materials or IT equipment
  • Facilitate on-campus dining
  • Support moving material collection
  • Provide a pick-up location for school event merchandise purchases

Parcel lockers are also helping campuses serve students dealing with food insecurity by providing a secure, convenient, and dignified way for students to access their food pantry orders. By providing lockers for on-campus food pantries, universities enable students to access their food orders conveniently, while helping to reduce the stigma surrounding food insecurity through a private, order pick-up process.

Parcel lockers are creating new opportunities in retail

For Retail locations, lockers are helping shoppers avoid long lines and reduce time spent at pick-up counters by facilitating order deliveries and returns directly from a locker. Parcel lockers create new opportunities for retailers to build stronger relationships with customers by providing more options for when and how a customer retrieves an order or makes a return.

In addition, retailers and carriers are able to join a growing international Open Locker Network that places lockers within public locations to create more convenience and flexibility for customers who order from a retail or e-commerce business. Open Locker Networks are hosted at stores or public locations that are close to customers’ homes, places of work, or locations that they commute to, thereby providing more choice and convenience through a sustainable, cost-effective, and seamless offering.

Parcel Pending by Quadient is your go-to parcel locker provider

As you grow your community and brand, consider how the package pick-up and return process impacts the experience of your customers. At Parcel Pending by Quadient, we are passionate about delivering more – more products, more personalized service, and more meaningful experiences – to make package delivery easy and intuitive for everyone. By providing a wide variety of secure locker solutions and a world-class customer experience, our clients manage more deliveries to more places and solve their last-mile delivery challenges. If customer experience is important to you, don’t forget how lockers can improve the delivery and return experiences for your customers.

To learn more about how Parcel Pending by Quadient can help you transform your property, university, or business, contact us today!

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Scott Draeger started his career as a communication designer before pivoting to the software side of the CCM industry. He worked on advancing business/technical collaboration, improving accessibility of communications, and visualizing communication journeys to drive business benefits. As Quadient’s first CX Officer, Scott collaborates to improve the way Quadient engages with over 400,000 Quadient customers around the world. In 2022, Scott was awarded a “Lifetime Achievement Award” from Xplor for contributions to the customer communication experience. He holds a BA in English from UNLV, an MBA from Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, and a collection of certifications in graphic design, artificial intelligence, and customer experience.