Avoid Package Delivery Mayhem with Parcel Pending Electronic Delivery Lockers

The busy leasing season is a hectic time for everyone, and the last thing you want to do is manage packages.  Are we right?  We’re happy to propose a solution to make this busy time of year little bit easier, for at least your package-related woes.
Free Up Space
When there is an influx in the volume of packages delivered to an apartment building, several issues occur. One major headache is competition for space. Regardless of how you organize your packages, an increase of three- to four-fold will cramp the already limited space you have to work with. Unless you decide to stack packages vertically (a “solution” that causes other problems addressed below), this cramping can start after an increase of just 50% in the volume of packages received. When the volume increases like it did over the last holiday season, you’ll be in way over your head by the time the delivery day is even halfway over. Parcel Pending’s total package management system allows vertical storage in a format that requires no time or effort from your staff.
Free Up Time
On the busiest package delivery days, it can be difficult for your employees to do anything but spend time managing packages. An innovative package delivery solution like Parcel Pending’s electronic delivery lockers frees up time your employees spend receiving, organizing, and passing out packages every day, but is particularly time-saving during busy leasing seasons.
Free Up Energy
In addition to taking up space and time, an excess of packages at an apartment leasing office requires a great deal of energy from your apartment management staff. This is energy that doesn’t need to be expended, to be honest. Parcel Pending cuts out the necessity of a middleman in the package delivery process. Couriers deliver packages directly to secure lockers that can be opened using only a unique code sent to the package recipient. Your staff doesn’t have to do anything.

Proudly aligned with the future of package delivery, Parcel Pending’s state-of-the-art package management solutions are worth far more than they cost. If you wish for things in the apartment you own or manage to go as smoothly as possible, call (855) 316-4756 to enquire about these revolutionary package delivery locker systems.

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