Secure Post Boxes & Mailboxes

Secure Mailboxes For Your Building

Quadient Mailboxes enable buildings to securely receive and store incoming mail. Our range, which includes free-standing and wall-mounted post boxes with both indoor and outdoor options, are suitable for most multi-occupancy buildings, including residential developments, student accommodation and office blocks.





Right Sized



Indoor & Outdoor Mailboxes


  • Front deposit, front retrieval
  • Can be made watertight
  • For use in wall fixing, recessing or freestanding applications
  • Vertical and horizontal mailboxes available
  • Anti-theft features available on most models
  • A vast array of A4 boxes manufactured to EN 1374 standards available

Indoor Mailboxes


  • A4 box manufactured to EN 1374 standards
  • Front retrieval
  • Lock, anti-theft protection
  • Customisable number of banks
  • Can be used for wall fixing, recessing or freestanding applications

Through the Wall Mailboxes


  • Front deposit, rear retrieval
  • Perfect for aluminium panel and glazing installations
  • Internal anti-theft incline included as standard
  • Weatherproof and rust resistant


  • Closing profiles: Designed to close the gap around the mailbox after installation to create a seamless finish.
  • Supports: Options for round, square or rectangular base. Can be screwed to the ground or buried.
  • Surround casings: Structures for joining and banking mailboxes for installation to the wall or free standing with supports.
  • Wall fixation kit: Easier installations to the wall.
  • Floor fixation kit: Kit of 4 special screws for floor installation of the supports.

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