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Why Hosting Parcel Lockers is a Value-Added Service for Carpark Operators

As our towns and cities get increasingly built-up, and street parking becomes more limited, car parks have become crucial for commuters, visitors and local residents. Often in convenient and accessible locations, there is an opportunity to  become a real community hub by extending their services beyond just parking.

Parcel Locker hosting is a fantastic value-added service that car park operators can offer. With the rise of online shopping, there is a need for more secure and reliable out-of-home delivery options. Plus, there are a number of benefits for both operators and customers alike.

Benefits of Hosting Lockers

Drive More Footfall: One of the most significant benefits of locker hosting is the increase in footfall that it can attract. Instead of only attracting customers who need parking spaces, you can attract community members who require a convenient way to pick-up or send their parcels. More and more consumers are seeking hassle-free parcel management, and parcel lockers are growing in popularity.

Greater Brand Awareness: Car park operators can increase their brand awareness by offering automated PUDO services via a parcel locker. Your location will be highlighted as a parcel pick-up, drop-off (PUDO) option for up to five major UK carriers to local consumers, helping drive footfall to your car park.

Increase Customer Satisfaction: Provide added convenience to your existing customers by enabling them to manage their parcels whilst visiting or passing by your car park with a secure and reliable solution available 24/7.

No Cost to You: Hosting a parcel locker should come at no cost to you. Yes, that’s right – as a parcel locker host for Parcel Pending by Quadient you get paid for use of the space, and you’ll earn income from the parcels processed through it.

Customer Story
One example of a car park operator that has successfully implemented locker hosting is APCOA. APCOA is one of Europe’s largest car park operators, and they have invested heavily in using technology to help their customers and their communities. They have installed EV charging points, rolled out urban mobility hubs, and now offer parcel lockers from Parcel Pending by Quadient.

Kim Challis, Regional Managing Director, APCOA UK&I, said, “Hosting carrier-agnostic lockers is another value-added service we can offer our customers. These lockers will help our customers make fewer journeys, reducing their fuel use and costs while helping create a more sustainable environment.”

Sustainable Last-Mile Deliveries

Hosting lockers can contribute to a more sustainable future by reducing the distance travelled and journeys taken by both couriers and consumers. By providing a convenient and secure delivery solution, locker hosting can help reduce the number of trips that customers make to collect their packages. This can help reduce traffic congestion, decrease fuel consumption, and lower carbon emissions.

Hosting lockers is a value-added service that car park operators should consider to remain competitive and provide added convenience to their customers. Hosting a carrier-agnostic locker provides numerous benefits, including increased revenue streams and footfall, brand awareness, ease of installation and management, and sustainable delivery options for the local community. By offering an automated package management solution, car park operators can provide a secure and reliable delivery solution that is available 24/7, contributing to a more sustainable future.

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