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Thinking Outside the Parking Space: Additional Services for Carpark Operators

As the demand for parking spaces continues to grow, carpark operators are looking for ways to differentiate themselves from competitors and diversify their revenue streams. One way to do this is by offering additional services that can improve the parking experience for customers.

Here are some additional services that car park operators can offer:

  1. Car washing and detailing: Many car owners are too busy to clean their cars regularly. By offering car washing and detailing services, carpark operators can provide a convenient solution for customers. This service can be particularly appealing to those who park their cars in a carpark for an extended period, such as while they are on vacation or on a business trip. By renting out space to a car washing company, you can generate income from the spaces they use.
  2. Valet parking: Valet parking is a service where a trained attendant parks the customer’s car for them. This service can be especially useful for customers who are in a hurry or have limited mobility. Depending on the demand in your area, it can be a simple way to generate additional spend from visitors. Valet parking can also help car park operators optimise their parking space usage, as attendants can park cars more efficiently.
  3. Electric vehicle charging: As more and more people switch to electric cars, carpark operators can offer EV charging stations. This service can attract environmentally conscious customers who are looking for a convenient place to charge their vehicles. There are also opportunities to charge a premium for faster charging points.
  4. Car rental: Some operators of larger multi-storey car parks offer car rental services, allowing customers to rent a car directly from the car park. This service can be particularly useful for customers who need a car for a short period, such as a day trip or a weekend getaway.
  5. Bicycle parking: As more people switch to bicycles for short trips, carpark operators can offer secure bicycle parking facilities. This service can be particularly useful for customers who need to park their bicycles for an extended period, such as during a workday.
  6. Shuttle service: Some carpark operators offer shuttle services to nearby destinations, such as airports, train stations or city centres. This service can be particularly useful for customers who need to travel to these destinations but can’t make it the entire way on public transport and don’t want to deal with the hassle of finding parking.
  7. Parcel lockers: With the rise of online shopping, parcel lockers have become a popular service offered by carpark operators. Parcel lockers allow customers to have their packages delivered to a secure locker at the carpark, eliminating the need for them to be home to receive the delivery. This service can be particularly useful for customers who are on the go and need a safe and secure location to have their packages delivered. With Parcel Pending by Quadient, there is no investment needed to Host a locker, so it’s a fantastic, low-risk way to generate extra income from otherwise underutilized space.

Carpark operators can improve their business by offering services that enhance the customer experience. By providing additional services, carpark operators can differentiate themselves from competitors and attract more customers.

If you’re interested in diversifying your service offering by Hosting a parcel locker, get in touch here.