What is a Parcel Locker?

Parcel Lockers are automated electronic locker systems that provide convenient, safe, contact-free package delivery. Parcel lockers are not a new solution, but their popularity has sky-rocketed since the COVID pandemic introduced consumers to new ways of thinking about package retrieval.

Parcel lockers are designed to be simple to use. When a package is delivered to the locker, a barcode is scanned, a locker door opens automatically, the package goes in, and the door locks securely when it is closed. A notice is then sent via email or text message to the end users’ phones to inform them of their parcel’s availability. At their convenience, the recipient goes to the parcel locker, enters the one-time PIN, or scans the unique barcode that was sent to them via an email or SMS, and the locker door pops open. They retrieve their package, and that space is now available for a new delivery. Incorporating drop off lockers into this ecosystem further simplifies the return process for consumers, making it an essential feature for modern retail logistics.

Growing adoption across a wide range of industries

Thanks to the versatility of delivery lockers, industries ranging from retail and higher education to build-to-rent developments are embracing them as they provide a modern, contactless solution for parcel deliveries that can also be used to create a unique offering outside of package delivery.

Parcel lockers in the retail industry

Retail establishments find retail pickup lockers particularly appealing since it allows them to give customers the choice of having a package delivered or returned using Click-&-CollectIf a customer chooses to retrieve their purchase from a parcel locker, they may well do further shopping in the store. Parcel lockers can also be paired with exclusive offerings for customers, such as exclusive product samples, special prize giveaways, or coupons – all of which help to increase foot traffic in-store, building customer loyalty while driving revenue growth.

Parcel lockers in higher education

For university lockers were originally used to support mail centres, but they have become valuable for other purposes. Bookstores, libraries, and athletic events on campus have all found ways to save time and money by creating a contact-free, convenient parcel locker network.

Parcel lockers in residential

Parcel lockers remove time restrictions from package collection and returns for multi-tenant residences. In build-to-rent communities, residents can retrieve their packages from apartment parcel lockers whenever it’s convenient for them, even if that’s in the middle of the night! Outside of parcel delivery and collection, property management can also utilise their parcel lockers in several ways, such as distributing and retrieving important documents, providing keys for apartment walkthroughs, or for maintenance uses– all of which are now made contactless, thanks to the parcel locker.

Parcel lockers for corporates

For corporate offices and public sector buildings that are managing a growing volume of deliveries and returns, Quadient Commercial Lockers simplify the management of incoming packages, improving mailroom efficiency. Additionally, lockers can be used as a hub, providing secure, contact-free handover of items inter-departmentally.

Quadient is the best source for parcel lockers.

Our parcel lockers are:

  • Secure. An automatic log is kept of every drop-off and pick-up for full chain-of-custody visibility, and the sturdy steel lockers keep all contents safe.
  • Convenient. Packages are available for easy retrieval, 24/7.
  • Affordable. They reduce labour, as fewer resources are required for parcel management, distribution, and pick-up.
  • Carrier agnostic. Any delivery carrier can deliver to our parcel lockers.
  • Contactless. There is no contact during delivery, collection, or returns.

With our expert analytics solutions, you can receive instantaneous summaries on how the lockers are being used, capacity and turnover rates, and see when stale packages need to be removed.

Our parcel locker units come in a wide variety of sizes to accept smaller deliveries as well as oversized lockers for larger deliveries. We also offer indoor and outdoor locker options.

Are you ready to deliver differently?

Within a parcel locker, individual lockers can be arranged in varying sizes to accommodate any incoming package. Parcel lockers can be customised with a logo, or other designs, to match the building decor or a specific aesthetic.

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