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Anticipating changes to delivery processes on return to work

Organisations around the world are working on their back to work plans, including new requirements for social distancing and putting in place measures to ensure the safety of employees.  These changes may have long term implications on daily activities, from office interactions to the setup of the workplace. One area in particular is bound to be highly impacted – the handling and delivery of packages and parcels to recipients in the workplace.

And these impacts are going to be felt at a time when the volume of packages is continuing to increase. A recent study by Ofcom confirms that while the number of physical mail pieces being delivered is decreasing, the amount of ecommerce taking place is impacting shipping of packages, in the rise by 10% per year in the UK.

Unfortunately, package delivery in the workplace is often complicated.  It involves storing parcels, notification of delivery to employees and delivery in a timely manner – all while ensuring that packages are kept secure. All of these variables make timeline delivery of packages in the workplace challenging for most organisations.

Are you ready for the coming increase in parcel delivery inside your business?

For more information on how intelligent parcel lockers are helping organizations to meet the coming challenge, we encourage you to read through the article “How will delivery processes change as workers return to the workplace?”, published by Workplace Insight and written by Senel Sowerby, Head of Parcel Management Solutions at Quadient UK.