As any home builder knows, constructing or renovating a home involves countless considerations. It’s a process driven by details and almost none are more important than those which affect the safety and comfort of future residents. The number of crimes related to mail and delivery theft is increasing. That’s why the rising popularity of Parcel Lockboxes—dynamic, space-efficient, and totally secure—is anything but a mystery. To protect your residence and your deliveries from theft, it’s worth exploring some popular safety ideas to improve your community including adding parcel lockboxes.

Why Homebuilders Should Invest in Parcel Lockboxes

Residential parcel lockboxes, for both single-family and multi-family homes, offer a smart and secure delivery system that eliminates complicating variables that accompany the standard delivery process. Packages that are left outside on your property are ripe for theft and can draw unwanted characters into a neighborhood. Parcel lockboxes both conceal and protect all deliveries until authorized users retrieve them.

In other words, parcel lockboxes lead to:

  • Happy homeowners
  • Improved community morale
  • Less community crime

Sounds ideal, right?

Happy Homeowners

As any home builder knows, designing a residence involves balancing form and function. The home should appeal visually, but it should also include built-in safeguards which allow the property owner to live with peace of mind. However, because package delivery isn’t explicitly part of the physical home, many homebuilders overlook this process during the design phase, often putting residents’ mail and property at risk. That’s why more homebuilders are looking at ways  to ensure secure package delivery in your residential community.

An investment in parcel lockboxes offers a long-term and definitive solution to an otherwise stressful problem. That’s why Parcel Pending smart lockboxes are:

  • Designed with 24/7 cloud-based video surveillance, which allows lockbox owners to check that the delivery was made by the correct person and that no suspicious characters attempted to apprehend the deliver.
  • Compatible with Amazon Echo and Google Home, allowing homeowners to draw another facet of their home—parcel delivery—under their personal smart-tech umbrella

After living with a residential parcel lockbox, most homeowners can’t imagine going back to a system where delivery workers are asked to hide their packages somewhere out of sight, or where residents themselves have to rush home before a package gets stolen.  

Improved Community Morale

When one residence in a community becomes theft-resistant, the entire neighborhood benefits. While community morale is a dynamic concept, it’s rooted in a fundamental sense of shared security. Whenever homebuilders have a chance to improve that security, they should seize the opportunity for the betterment of the neighborhood at large. With the rising number of parcel thefts and the opportunity to improve the safety of the entire community, homebuilders can get ahead by exploring parcel lockboxes and other new home features buyers care about

Parcel lockboxes have this impact, but the effect is compounded when a homebuilder designing a multi-family residence invests in a lockbox. The rise of e-commerce has caused parcel delivery to increase by 48% of the past two years, and that number is expected to climb. When even one owner takes action to protect those packages, the shared sense of safety inevitably rises.

By installing a single-family lockbox:  

  • More deliveries can be accommodated at once
  • Almost 24 hours can be saved each week that would otherwise go to sorting and distributing packages
  • Perishable deliveries like groceries can be stored in a refrigerated parcel locker

The benefits are both dynamic and deeply felt by residents, who quickly come to rely on the parcel lockbox for all of their delivery needs. 

Less Community Crime

While there are many reasons an area may be affected by crime, one of the most effective ways an owner can help reduce crime rates is by taking small steps to eliminate the opportunity for crimes to be committed. Mitigating the possibility of parcel theft is the perfect way to start.

Parcel theft is a major problem in the United States, and according to a recent article in USA Today, the statistics are more alarming than most people realize, so it’s important to familiarize yourself with security service options that will help keep your area safe and keep criminals off your street.

Consider this:

  • 1 out of every 4 people in the U.S. have been a victim of parcel theft
  • Among victims of parcel theft, an average of 2.6 packages are stolen with a total value of $140
  • Despite the popularity of internet videos chronicling package thefts in progress, the vast majority of package thieves go unpunished—less than 10% of reported incidents are ever resolved

By investing a parcel lockbox, the chance that a homeowner will fall victim to parcel theft is all but eliminated and the neighborhood can rest easy knowing that their orders are being delivered securely to their door. By improving the community’s reputation for security, home builders who install parcel lockboxes can single-handedly decrease crime rates and create a safer and more enjoyable neighborhood for everyone. You can learn more about how homebuilders can develop safer neighborhoods here.

Secure the Package

While there are many steps that homebuilders can take to improve the security of a residence in development, one of the most simple and effective means is by eliminating the chance that any porch pirates are stealing your delivery from your front door. Yes, individual homeowners benefit, but so does the community at large.

Parcel lockboxes effectively deter unwanted characters from nosing around your neighborhood, and they help with package theft prevention by allowing residents to conveniently retrieve packages without having to worry that their package is taken from their porch before they make it home.


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