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How to Reroute a Package

Oh no! You’re expecting a package at your new address, but now you are leaving town. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s your step-by-step guide for rerouting a parcel.

4 Reasons to Reroute a Package

There are myriad reasons for needing to reroute a package. Here are the top four:

  1.   You’ve Moved – You thought you filled out all the correct forms and made the necessary delivery changes, but invariably a package delivery is en route to your old address.
  2.   You’ll Be Out of Town – With the freedom to travel luring us away, balancing shipping schedules with vacation time is often challenging.
  3.   You Noticed a Scam – eBay, Poshmark, Etsy, and other users of central marketplaces sometimes recognize that they’ve shipped an erroneous order before the money has cleared and need to suspend the delivery.
  4.   You Wrote the Wrong Address – This “oops” typically happens when you are in a hurry or you unwittingly transpose the numbers of an address.

Thankfully, virtually all major parcel carriers allow you to reroute a package to another address for delivery – provided you make the request online and the parcel hasn’t been delivered yet. Here’s a rundown on how each carrier deals with rerouting.

How to Reroute a USPS Package

The United States Postal Service (USPS) Package Intercept® program has morphed slightly over the course of the pandemic. Whereas previously you could make an address correction or reroute your shipment to a new address, today you only have two choices:

  1. Return the item to sender/shipper
  2. Have the package held for pickup at the controlling post office of the destination address

For a package to be eligible for this delivery option, it must have a USPS tracking number or a barcode. The fee for this service ranges from $9.00 for a small flat rate Priority Mail envelope to fees in the hundreds of dollars for heavy packages going across the country. You can check this chart for the exact fees.

You must also have a account before you can use Package Intercept. No account? No problem. It’s quick and easy to create an account here. For even more information, here’s the link to the USPS Package Intercept service FAQ page.

How to Reroute a UPS Package

Similar to USPS (details above), you must have an account and a UPS My Choice membership. The basic membership is free (our favorite word) and gives you estimated delivery times, tracking numbers, and inbound and outbound delivery visibility. However, it won’t allow you to reroute a package for free.

Delivering to another address is a flat fee of $14.99 while delivering to a UPS Access Point (such as a UPS store) is a mere $5.99. If you foresee an ever-changing schedule or travel frequently, the $19.99/year Premium paid membership might be a better option for you.

The United Parcel Service’s (UPS) Intercept Program offers you a few options for your packages:

  • Request the parcel be returned to you
  • Redirect the package to another address for delivery
  • Reschedule your delivery date 
  • Request the parcel be held for pick-up by the recipient at a UPS Access Point

UPS also allows you to enable a “hold” function for your packages. You can log in via your dashboard to suspend deliveries for a length of time, direct packages to a neighbor, or pick them up at a UPS store upon your return. 

How to Reroute a FedEx Package

Rerouting a package with Federal Express (FedEx) is also relatively straightforward. However, getting an estimate for the additional cost involved typically requires talking to a customer service agent versus the more easily accessible USPS chart noted above.

Creating a free FedEx Delivery Manager account turbocharges any changes you want to make to your inbound or outbound packages. You can have your packages held, redirected to a local FedEx office (also free), or even sent to a local Walgreens or Dollar General store. Another advantage of the Delivery Manager app is that it allows you to sign for a package in advance of delivery as long as it does not require an adult signature.

FedEx embraces smart lockers for you to retrieve your package without standing in line. When your parcel is ready for pickup, you’ll receive an email message or text allowing you to open your locker at your destination point in as little as 10 seconds. Hint: download the FedEx app before you go. The FAQs for FedEx are here.

How to Reroute an Amazon Package

To update the shipping address for an Amazon order that has not yet entered the shipping process, visit the “Your Orders” tab on or in the Amazon mobile app.

To update the delivery address for a third-party seller order that has not yet entered the shipping processes, contact the seller directly to provide your correct address. For most third-party sellers, this will likely involve requesting a cancellation and placing another order to your preferred address.

However, once an Amazon package has shipped, you cannot update the address for your order. If you are unable to update your address for an order shipped by Amazon or a delivery attempt for an Amazon delivery failed, please refer to their information on Undeliverable Packages here.

The need for rerouting a package to a new address is real. Given the great cross-country move during the pandemic and the slow return of safe travel, knowing how to intercept or redirect a delivery can make your life just a little easier.

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