Community Managers: The Very Best of The Multifamily Industry

In the dynamic realm of the Multifamily industry, women are not just participants; they are the leaders and driving force, constituting an estimated 88% of all community managers in our industry. It is no secret that community managers stand out as the linchpin in the success of any community. They serve as multitask masters, wearing many hats and boasting the broadest skill sets that span from accountant, general contractor, and coach to compassionate counselor, transforming spaces into homes for hundreds of residents daily.

For this exact reason, at the forefront of the celebration of International Women’s Day is the recognition of the community managers, the heroines responsible for the operational heartbeat and health of the industry. These women go beyond the conventional expectations of their roles, with financial acumen and responsibility that drive the health of multimillion-dollar assets; within fixed budgets and uncertain market conditions, they find creative ways to balance the financial goals of their owners with the growing demanding daily needs of their residents.

Yet, their significance and value transcend well beyond balance sheets and spreadsheets. Community managers serve as consolers, advocates, and arbitrators, entrusted with creating a space where residents feel secure physically and emotionally, establishing a personal sense of belonging and social community. They cultivate environments that go beyond brick and mortar, transforming structures into cherished homes that mark life’s most important memories and milestones for their residents that cannot be overstated.

Compassion, empathy, and the strongest of communication skills are essential traits that make for exceptional community managers. Women often excel in creating inclusive and nurturing environments, fostering a sense of belonging within the community. Their ability to multitask and wear various hats, from fiscal management to social cohesion, highlights their adaptability and resourcefulness. Furthermore, female community managers often bring a collaborative spirit, encouraging teamwork and cooperation among staff and residents. Their natural intuition and emotional intelligence contribute to resolving conflicts with finesse, ensuring a harmonious living experience for all. It is no surprise then that a large majority of community managers are women due to their unique leadership qualities, such as empathy, collaboration, and adaptability, making them exceptionally well-suited for the diversity this role requires.

As we celebrate women leaders in multifamily, it is crucial to acknowledge the profound impact these women leaders have not only on their individual communities but on our entire industry. Their commitment, versatility, and ability to seamlessly navigate significant responsibilities set the standards for excellence within one of our society’s largest and most important industries, building thriving diverse communities.

I look back with such gratitude for the incredible women I have had the privilege to learn from, as they have been invaluable guides on my journey of personal and professional growth. The most inspirational and impactful women in my career have been community managers. Their wisdom has illuminated the path to creativity and confidence, teaching me to embrace the possible and express myself freely. In moments of vulnerability, these women have shown me the strength in authenticity, reminding me that true connection often stems from openness and trust. Their lessons on prioritization have been instrumental, emphasizing the importance of focusing on what truly matters both in a board room and club room. Equally significant has been their guidance in learning to say ‘no’ with grace and compassion when needed. Conversely, they have fostered the art of discerning when to say ‘yes,’ encouraging me to embrace opportunities that align with my specific skills and aspirations.

What a better time than today to celebrate and thank these incredible women, not just for the work they do, but in the manner they do it and most importantly the impact they make on so many.

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Colleen Lambros Head of Global Marketing at Parcel Pending by Quadient

Regarded by many as the leading “multifamily experience and branding expert”, Colleen Lambros has over 20 years of multifamily industry experience, most notably leading The Irvine Company’s Leasing and Marketing and Communications teams, in addition to serving as the Group Senior Vice President. Selected as a Housing Wire Woman of Influence in 2018 and a 2017 Vanguard Recipient, she is known for her dynamic and collaborative leadership style, and her proven track record with helping communities exceed their goals and objectives.