Package Room Solutions


Package Room Solutions


Flexible API allows for seamless integration with your property management software

Monitored Access

Residents receive a unique access code to enter and retrieve their package(s)


Includes photo capture and optional cloud-based video surveillance

Simple Delivery

Couriers deliver packages directly to package room using their unique access code

Safe & Secure

Cloud-based video surveillance with access logs maintains security and accountability


Secure storage for space constrained properties or locker overflow


Fits your space and budget requirements


100% deliverability for multiple package sizes and delivery types

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Frequently Asked Questions

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A locker system is a standalone piece of hardware, whereas a package room leverages an existing room or space to secure deliveries. This makes package rooms a perfect, affordable solution for space-constrained properties or for locker overflow (such as for oversized deliveries). Both solutions are monitored 24/7 and provide controlled access to deliveries.

Yes! We have a range of flexible pricing plans available, including lease and purchase options, plus a subscription option with no-money down. Interested in a smart locker solution for your business? Get a quote today.

Yes! Our standard warranty is 3 years for hardware parts and 1-year for labor. For more details about our warranty plans, contact a Parcel Pending representative today.

Yes! Residents can use our free mobile app to receive delivery alerts and manage packages from their smartphone. Want the Parcel Pending app on your device? Download it via Google Play or the App Store.

Simple, Quick, Contact-Free Package Retrieval

The Parcel Pending smartphone mobile app opens lockers without touching a screen. Users can manage and retrieve packages faster and more easily with the mobile app.

Contactless Pick-Up
Easy Package Retrieval
Instant Delivery Notifications
Quick Account Updates

Designed for Space or Budget-Constrained Properties

Whether you’re augmenting a Parcel Pending locker solution, or need a standalone solution, our package room solutions allow couriers to deliver directly to a designated room using a unique access code. This gets property managers out of the business of package management and back to their real jobs of increasing resident renewals and reducing operational expenses.


What I love most about using a Parcel Pending smart locker is the convenience. Everything is in one place, and you get a friendly reminder if you haven’t picked up your packages – which is so helpful with my work schedule.

Karen C. Resident in Englewood, CO

If I had a word to describe Parcel Pending, it would be life-saving. Why? Because it’s quick, convenient, and the customer service has been amazing.

Andy Resident in Miami, FL

Pick-up [with the lockers] was so easy and much faster than a regular delivery!

Victoria C. Student at University of Florida

Not only are these lockers great in general but the support level from Parcel Pending is outstanding. […] I’m very glad we have these as they offer great security and are temperature-controlled.

Daniel V. Resident in Austin, TX

The automated locker is AMAZING! Fastest, easiest way I’ve ever done pick-up – and I do a lot.

Lowe's Home Improvement Customer Customer at Lowe's Home Improvement