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University Mailrooms Call Upon Electronic Parcel Lockers to Solve Their Package Problems

Have you stepped foot in a university mailroom lately?
If so, you probably noticed that snail mail is growing at a snail’s pace. In today’s world, it’s all about online shopping and packages. In fact, the number of packages being sent to college students nationwide has increased by 15% annually in recent years.
Not only do college students frequently shop online for everything from textbooks to groceries, cosmetics, tech gadgets and more, but their family and friends also regularly ship care packages and gifts. As a result, campus mailroom staff spend countless hours each day accepting and sorting package deliveries and facilitating pick-up.
The boom in online shopping is really starting to negatively impact campus mailrooms:

  • “Incoming parcel volumes are at record highs, and students have elevated expectations around how quickly they receive their packages. Decision-makers are not setting themselves up for success if they don’t assess their end-to-end process and embrace technology so campus mailrooms are equipped to address evolving needs.” —Amanda Taylor, public relations advisor, FedEx
  • “The biggest challenge in running a campus mailroom operation is handling skyrocketing packages in facilities designed for flatmail. Package volume is up more than 35 percent, while total mail is down 20 percent. The major misstep some mailrooms make is failing to adapt. Technologies must be in place to intelligently receive, store and distribute packages.” —Elisa Esposito, senior manager, higher education, channel marketing, Ricoh USA
  • “One of the biggest problems for campus mailrooms is lack of space! You can hire more workers and buy more software, but it’s practically impossible to get more space.  If students aren’t notified promptly, then packages tend to sit on the shelves longer, further compounding the space problem.” – Syta Saephan, co-founder of Notifi

In order to keep students happy and reduce operating costs, universities should install electronic parcel lockers. Electronic parcel lockers help to reduce a number of pain points for university mail rooms.
Parcel Pending’s university locker solutions remove the racket of on-campus mail delivery and package management by assuming all of the customer service responsibilities for mail & package delivery, notification and retrieval. What’s more, they can be customized to fit the aesthetics or your buildings and branded with your university logo or mascot.
Our lockers save valuable mailroom staff time, eliminate missed deliveries, prevent students from rushing to the mailroom before it closes and free up valuable space. They also save prime real estate since they are not individually assigned like traditional mailboxes.
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How can electronic parcel lockers help solve your mailroom needs? Comment below.

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