Retailers Need to Embrace the Digital Disruption: Offer a Robust Mobile App

The retail industry is ever-changing and becoming more complex. Nowadays, retailers are facing changes in consumer demand, behavior and above all, technology and online shopping. There is no denying that digital disruption has infiltrated the retail space.
Pew Research reports that nearly 80 percent of consumers now shop online and 62 percent of them are making online purchases every week. With all that said, most retailers are still reluctant to fully embrace technology. In fact, many retailers succumb to the digital age (particularly BOPIS) only because their competitors demand it.
However, it’s essential that retailers understand that technology and ecommerce will not keep their customers away from traditional brick and mortar. In fact, if done correctly, technology can actually help drive them back into the store.
One way to stay in front of customers is by offering a robust mobile app. Why is an app so important? Well for starters, TechCrunch reports that U.S. consumers now spend five hours a day on mobile devices and a whopping 92 percent of that time is spent using apps. That’s hours of valuable one-on-one time with customers that retailers could be tapping into.
As such, retailers need to allocate substantial funds to create a more comprehensive app so that they can reach their customer base while they are mobile. Some of the key benefits of having a great app include:

  • Convenience my friend! With a mobile app, customers can shop anytime and anywhere
  • Shopping made easy. Customers can store their information such as Shipping Address and Payment Info and with the click of a button their order can be immediately processed
  • Instant Updates. Through push notifications, retailers can promptly notify customers with various information (sales items, discount, etc.)

The key to offering a standout app is making the online experience just as good as the in-store experience and giving your customers more than just a conventional website to shop from. Studies show that retailers that have a strong shopping app, experience an increase in e-commerce sales. A number of studies by Oracle and MobileSmith have shown that over 60 percent of users prefer mobile apps over mobi-sites to purchase online. So if your customers prefer it anyway, why not devote the resources to make the user experience as innovative and seamless as possible?
Offering a robust mobile app will enhance your customer experience, boost your customer loyalty and overall satisfaction. Additionally, a mobile app will also open retailers up to integration with other fulfillment solutions that are able to enhance the customer experience. It really is a no-brainer.
Do you offer your customers a robust mobile app? Comment below.