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PCI Compliance: Everything you need to know about Parcel Pending

Safety and Security, Our Top Priorities

Have you ever been contacted by your financial institution only to discover that your credit card information has been compromised? If you have, you already know the frustration and time-consuming hassle to fix this issue.
An online breach of your personal or credit card information is important to rectify quickly because you, like most Americans, store credit information on multiple online profiles as a convenient way to make recurring payments.
Parcel Pending fully understands the importance of secure information. We are in the business of creating secure solutions for your package deliveries. That is the reason that we have invested so much research and development in secure refrigerated, indoor and outdoor electronic lockers. It is also the reason we support and follow PCI Compliance – a set of requirement that retailers must adhere to with its e-commerce and backend technology.
We have partnered with Authorize.net to store and process any credit card information used to pay for our service. This profile information is not stored on Parcel Pending servers, but instead with Authorize.net who have protected online consumers for nearly 20 years. Parcel Pending is dedicated to ensuring the security of resident credit card information. When you sign up for Parcel Pending electronic lockers, you can be assured that your information is secured by an industry leader.

To confirm Authorize.Net’s PCI DSS compliance:
  1. Go to http://www.visa.com/splisting/ and click Search Service Providers.
  2. In the Company field on the left, type “CyberSource.”
  3. Click Go. The entry, “CyberSource (including Authorize.Net),” is displayed.

To read Parcel Pending’s Privacy Policy visit: /privacy-policy/