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Parcel Pending Lockers Showing Solid ROI

Data confirms 8-month return on investment for Parcel Pending electronic lockers.

We have long known that our innovative parcel lockers save property managers from the distractions of package delivery. There is a significant amount of time that property staff dedicate to delivering packages to residents.
Earlier this month, we issued a press release announcing that property managers are saving between 14 and 28 hours and $1,200 per week with parcel lockers. The data comes from the millions of packages delivered to our lockers annually, as well as the information provided from our customers.
For example, customers tell us that receiving, storing and facilitating the delivery of just 15 packages can drain an hour of staff time. By utilizing our suite of electronic package lockers, multifamily communities are saving, on average, between two to four hours every day. Using data from Salary.com, which says the median property manager salary is $43 per hour, and doing the math equates to a savings as high as $1,200 per week. Of course, the savings are even higher for multifamily communities that receive a higher volume of package deliveries.
Based on cost time saved with Parcel Pending, properties are receiving a return on their investment within 8 months. (Based on a 400 unit complex that receives 20 packages daily).
We recently spoke to another multifamily community executive, who told us that one facility of theirs alone receives between 25-30 packages per day. This requires about 8-10 minutes each of time, on average, to manage and facilitate their delivery. In addition, such deliveries often take place in the prime hours of 4:00 – 7:00 pm, which is often when office staff is busy executing property rental agreements. As such, package deliveries created interruptions and distracted property managers from other, more important tasks.
Our Parcel Pending CEO, Lori Torres, commented on the latest data, saying, “Property managers recognize the time it takes to accept packages from couriers, store packages within their typically space-limited management offices, and coordinate package deliveries to their residents; not to mention the time drain if there’s a problem such as a lost or misdirected delivery. As such, eliminating this cumbersome process by leveraging parcel lockers enables properties to save time and money, while servicing residents better and reducing operation costs.”
While property managers love the immediate reduction in package management activities, residents are responding equally enthusiastically to their use. Several communities have conducted before and after resident satisfaction surveys. One recent survey reported an 82% “very satisfied” or “extremely satisfied” score. Many residents report that they never even knew of package lockers before using them, but recognize the pain point only after such lockers were installed.
Our parcel lockers are proving value. They are delivering impressive returns on the investments of our customers.
Do you have a success story or other data about how Parcel Pending lockers have saved your property managers money in lost time? Let us know about it!

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