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BOPIS & BOPUS: The Innovative Solution to Retail Fulfillment

Many retailers have announced plans to further invest in technology that supports buy online pick-up in store (BOPIS) solutions. In fact, Retail Touch Points indicates that 90% of retailers will offer BOPIS solutions by 2021, signaling that offline fulfillment of online orders is an essential option for tomorrow’s consumer.  In this article, we will define what is “buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS or BOPUS)” as well as discuss how these processes are affecting the current marketplace.

What Is BOPUS?

The buy online, pick up in-store concept allows shoppers to place an order online and then pick up their merchandise in the brick and mortar store. This new omnichannel strategy provides a profound opportunity to engage, interact and influence buyer behavior. We find it encouraging to see major brick-and-mortar brands, speak so positively about the impact of BOPIS and how this solution helps to increase in-store purchases. In fact, 61 % of online shoppers made additional purchases while in the store to retrieve their online order.

With BOPIS, consumers can continue their love of online shopping with the added convenience and security of picking-up their package in-store. This helps to prevent package theft from porch pirates and accommodates consumers’ busy schedules. Let’s face it, no one wants to wait around for a package to arrive at their doorstep.  According to a study by iVend Retail, nearly 60% of shoppers currently use the BOPIS click and collect model for same-day pickup, order security and convenience.
At Parcel Pending, we understand how critical it is for retailers to drive in-store customer engagement, improve the customer experience and increase revenue opportunities with their BOPIS solution. That is why we partner with our retail customers to create a seamless process that offers full ecommerce integration capabilities, 24/7 Always On customer and staff service as well as additional marketing opportunities that drive customer engagement with their in-store pickup.

Our retail locker solution is simple. Once an order is fulfilled, shoppers are instantly notified via text or email. These notifications contain a unique code that allows them to quickly access their order from the locker. We can even integrate through a retailer’s mobile application to further enhance the omnichannel experience.
For grocery retailers, we offer our click-and-collect refrigerated lockers. Our refrigerated lockers cool to a temperature between 34 and 45 degrees and preserve food, ready-to-eat meal kits, medications, flowers and more.
After the in-store pickup, retailers have access to dashboards that provide an instant summary of how lockers are being utilized, proof of pickup and administrative control over the lockers. The tools include customizable and comprehensive data capture functions to enable real-time reporting on key metrics, locker auditing, and network diagnostic tests.
If you are looking to improve the overall experience of your shoppers, our delivery package solutions can help.
As a retailer, how will our smart lockers help your business? Comment below.

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