Eco-friendly Benefits of Parcel Lockers for Your Company

Today’s savvy companies are looking for innovative ways to reduce their carbon emissions. While recycling, bike to work and rideshare programs are great, they don’t address one of the major trends of the 21stCentury … online shopping.
For the first time, consumers are purchasing more of their goods online than in stores. In fact,
8 out of every 10 Americans shop online and even more astounding is the fact that 62% are making online purchases every week.
However, with the increase in online shopping also comes an increase in missed deliveries and carbon emissions. According to ABC News, problems arise when consumers are not at home, as redeliveries add a significant amount of carbon emissions to the environment. In the U.S. alone, the chain of returned goods used 4.5 billion liters of diesel fuel and emitted 12 million tons of carbon emissions in 2015.
Companies that are looking for new ways to protect the environment should consider installing parcel business lockers for their employees to utilize for personal and professional deliveries. Parcel lockers make it safe, secure, fast and easy for employees to retrieve their packages while at work. This way, employees don’t have to worry about missed deliveries, porch pirates stealing their packages right from their doorsteps or trying to rush home to catch the courier in time.
Commercial parcel lockers simplify the package delivery process and save time and administrative costs for companies. For example, Parcel Pending commercial lockers take care of logging, retrieving, and distributing packages quickly and effectively with little to no involvement from office staff.  With Parcel Pending’s commercial solutions, couriers and staff can securely deliver packages to our parcel boxes. Documents can also be effectively and securely inter-mailed to colleagues and supervisors.
The way it works is simple. Recipients are instantly notified when they have a delivery by text or email. Once received, the recipient can pick up the package using the unique code provided in the notification, or by using our intelligent mobile app. Staff do not need to sign for packages, sort them, or distribute them to recipients—our commercial lockers handle it all.
Did you know that parcel lockers could help reduce your company’s carbon emissions? Comment below.

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