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Amenities Required in Urban, Luxury Communities

High earners rent apartments at a higher rate today than they have for generations. Accompanying this shift in the demographic makeup of multifamily residences is a luxury apartment boom. Since high-earning people often move from single-family houses to apartments for the conveniences, urban luxury apartment living that offers high-end amenities are a major selling point. What are some of those luxury living amenities?
Electronic Package Delivery Lockers
eCommerce has grown into a $700 billion industry, with more than 70% of American consumers shopping online on a regular basis. The nearly 90% of apartment communities that have management collect and hold packages for customers have to expend increasingly more time and labor on package management. Surveys suggest an overwhelming majority of apartment residents would like to have a designated holding area or space where they can retrieve packages themselves, at their leisure. Apartment package lockers, for multi-family buildings, offer a solution that pleases package recipients and frees up plenty of time for management to allocate elsewhere.
Pet Parks and Spas
Fully one in three apartment residents is a pet owner. Some of today’s luxury apartments are so focused on pet care one could argue they’re more amenable to small- and medium-sized dogs than a suburban house with a medium-sized property. Amenities like pet parks, puppy runs, and grooming spas can now make or break a renter’s decision on a residence.
State-of-the-Art Fitness Centers
On-site gyms were one of the earlier hot community amenities to crop up. Most were rudimentary, consisting of a weight bench, a treadmill, and the odd free-weight machine or two. Most were also heavily underutilized. New and recently renovated luxury apartment communities now often have a fully equipped, modern state-of-the-art fitness center satisfactory enough for many residents to cancel their gym memberships. First-rate gym facilities attract healthy residents happy to pay $20 or $30 more in rent than someone at a similar apartment nearby that is equipped with a low-quality gym.
Resort-Style Pools
A simple pool no longer cuts it for renters of luxury apartment homes. If you’d like to feature your pool on the cover of your apartment brochure and have it make an impact in this day and age, it better have a chic design, a sun shelf, poolside cabanas, or other great and nifty perks.
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