May 12, 2021

Top 4 Click & Collect Best Practices You Need for a Killer Retail Strategy

Social distancing and remote work have redefined our way of living and our way of shopping. As click and collect becomes increasingly important for consumers, its important retailers adopt a multichannel strategy to better meet the evolving needs of customers.

Below are 4 best practices retailers should consider when implementing a click and collect model.

1. Simplify your click and collect experience

Although you may want to place your pick-up counter at the back of the store to increase the chance of additional sales, you must resist! After all, 61% of all customers already make an additional purchase when retrieving their orders in-store. Instead, set up your order collection area near the front of your store, adding extra signage or special entrances to make the experience easier for your customers.

2. Communicate early and often

Communication is key, so it’s important you are reaching customers early and often. Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area online or in your mobile app to provide exact details on how to retrieve an online order. Send emails to both confirm and update on the progression of the purchase. In the UK, Marks & Spencer offers a contactless in-store collection option that allocates a shelf to customers for purchase retrieval. Information on their order’s availability and location in the store is then communicated via text, WhatsApp, or Facebook Messenger as per the customer’s preference.

3. Personalise rewards

Personalising the shopping experience will cement customer loyalty and spur incremental sales. For example, coupons exclusively for click and collect purchases. Consider sending mobile notifications or emails about related products they might be interested in, or design special prize offerings, such as exclusive item giveaways to boost click and collect purchases and drive more customers in-store.

4. Utilise technology

Smart lockers for contactless pick-up becoming a staple for retailers around the globe. In as little as ten seconds, customers can retrieve their order with zero human interaction. This establishes an alternative to curbside pick-up while creating a scalable, convenient BOPIS experience for your customers.

The future of retail

Moving forward into 2021 and beyond we will continue to see the retail industry evolving faster than ever before. Brick-and-mortar retailers must remain flexible with their BOPIS strategies, keeping a pulse on relevant, multichannel trends to better serve their customers.

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