May 12, 2021

Top 3 ways healthcare facilities are using parcel lockers to create dynamic, touchless delivery processes

Intelligent parcel lockers are an innovative solution that alleviates some of the key pain points industries face due to increased deliveries from the growing e-commerce market. E-commerce has evolved how consumers purchase their items, creating a new standard in customer experience and convenience.

However, the innovation behind parcel lockers does not stop only with delivery and return automation. Parcel lockers are now being integrated to help create unique customer experiences while optimising operations. Below, we look at some of the innovative ways healthcare institutions are leveraging intelligent parcel lockers outside of parcel delivery.

1. A contemporary blueprint to healthcare services

Across all sectors, organisations are changing the way they work to be more efficient by integrating technology for a secure and cost-effective process. In healthcare, a common point of interaction occurs when people come together to collect or deliver items. Maintaining distance creates a challenge for these two-way exchanges, which is why clinics and hospitals are turning to smart solutions, such as parcel lockers, to provide greater control over these interactions.

Parcel lockers enable healthcare organisations to reduce person-to-person contact while still providing an efficient way for patients to engage within the healthcare system. Intelligent lockers help streamline heavily resource-dependent processes by creating an exchange hub for various applications, such as issuing testing kits to patients or distributing medications.

2. Testing kit drop-off and collection

As healthcare organisations establish new routines that enable social distancing, secure lockers can be implemented to collect and drop off patient samples in a streamlined manner. The locker acts as an exchange hub when issuing testing kits and collecting the returned kits or samples from patients.

3. Medication retrieval

Parcel lockers can help in the distribution of patient medication at hospitals or in pharmacies. The intelligent locker creates an automated and contactless process whereby a doctor, nurse, or pharmacist delivers the medicine into a parcel locker, triggering a notification to the patient that informs them of their prescription’s availability. The patient can then retrieve their items at their convenience, improving the customer experience, decreasing unnecessary physical contact with others, and increasing staff productivity.

Quadient Parcel Lockers

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