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Safe and secure item distribution for commercial offices

University and college campuses around the world are facing an unparalleled surge in parcel delivery volumes each year. With this parcel delivery influx, campus mailrooms and parcel storage areas have become overwhelmed due to outdated manual processes. Limited parcel collection hours lead to long lines and overcrowded spaces, ultimately resulting in a less-than-ideal mail and parcel workflow, and a poor experience. Parcel Pending by Quadient Parcel Lockers simplify the management of incoming parcels by providing a secure and automated package delivery solution. Our lockers are helping universities and colleges around the world reduce operational expenses and increase resident and employee satisfaction.

Whether your company is adopting a hybrid or complete return-to-office policy following the pandemic, one thing is certain. Employees wish to feel as safe and secure as possible when in the office environment.

Many employees will bring with them a new level of awareness around hygiene and social distancing, and an expectation that interactions with other employees and physical items will be limited.

Those within the business who manage the physical handover of everyday items such as paperwork, equipment and mail can play a key role in implementing a safer, more secure return-to-work strategy that supports flexible working. Parcel Pending by Quadient Parcel Lockers provide a secure, contactless, self-service solution that eases package management challenges by offering a quick, easy and convenient way to deliver and retrieve packages.