Residential Parcel Lockers

Elevate the package management experience for residents and property staff

How We Solve the Parcel Problem

A safe, secure, and contact-free package management experience

Eliminate up to 24 hours of time wasted each week handling and sorting packages1
Boost community satisfaction with our easy-to-use package delivery solutions
Residents receive instant delivery notifications and can retrieve packages contact-free at their convenience.
Increase renewals by as much as 40%2
1Based on an average of 60 packages per day, 6 days per week, at 1 hour per 15 packages.
2Survey results gathered from case studies conducted with residents of Cortland Partners properties.

Elevate your resident experience

Parcel Pending by Quadient lockers provide a secure, contact-free way for residents to get their packages, leaving property staff free to manage other responsibilities.

Couriers deliver directly into the lockers so no more parcels are left lying around, which reduces the risk of lost or stolen parcels.

Smart lockers ensure deliveries are successful on the first attempt. Whether residents are working from home, commuting, or running errands, lockers make packages available 24/7 so they can be collected when needed to suit each resident’s schedule.


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Apartment Parcel Lockers

How it Works

Provide secure, contact-free package delivery with residential package lockers

Step 1
Resident places order online
Step 2
Courier delivers directly into locker system
Step 3
Resident receives instant parcel delivery notification
Step 4
Resident can pick up order 24/7 from locker
apartment parcel lockers

Parcel Pending Benefits

Flexible API Integrations

100% Deliverability

Custom Configurations

Eliminates Package Theft

Contactless Pick-Up

24/7 Package Accessibility


Installations Worldwide


Packages Delivered Annually


Users Served

Why Choose Parcel Pending by Quadient

Differences Parcel Pending Other Vendors
Global Pioneer in Package Management
Contact-Free Package Retrieval
Mobile App Integration
Built-In Image Capture
Package Tracking Using Courier or Order Barcode
Dedicated Courier Specialist Team

The World's Smartest Locker

Our industry-leading technology eliminates your package problems. At Parcel Pending by Quadient, our goal is to provide our customers with the best package management solution on the market.

Contactless Pick-Up
smart locker system

Deliver More with Smart Lockers from Parcel Pending by Quadient



Quadient has the expertise and experience of planning parcel locker installations. Working with Quadient, I can provide the best service to my clients by recommending parcel management solutions that will add real value to their buildings.

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Joanna Shear, Founder and MD | Space Consultancy


The flexibility of being able to collect parcels whenever residents want is much better as many collect in the evening. It’s also more secure. Residents love the parcel lockers, they’re really user-friendly and mean they can collect their parcels at any time. They’ve also taken pressure off staff who now have very little to do with parcel deliveries.

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Vicky Gill, Lettings Negotiator | Velocity Village