Space Consultancy

Space Consultancy Backs Parcel Lockers for Build-to-Rent Properties

Space Consultancy provides interior design and furniture procurement services to the property market in the UK and beyond. It prides itself on a personal and fully customisable service for each client, whether the project is a large-scale design, a smaller installation or an update to an existing interior.

Over the years, Space Consultancy has witnessed the growing importance of effective parcel management in build-to-rent properties and now advises clients to consider parcel management solutions early on in projects.

“Space for parcels wasn’t always a significant consideration but now it really is as volumes have increased vastly,” – Joanna Shear, Founder and MD of Space Consultancy

Challenge Solution Method Results
To meet the growing need for effective parcel management in build-to-rent properties through early planning. Parcel Pending by Quadient Parcel Lockers provide a smart, automated, and secure way of managing parcel deliveries in build-to-rent properties. Parcel Pending by Quadient’s expertise and experience in parcel planning helps Space Consultancy provide a comprehensive service to build-to-rent clients. Parcel lockers included in designs early on provide a value-add to properties and help developers manage costs and minimise project delays.

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