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Reinventing Efficiency in On-Campus Delivery

University and college campuses around the world are facing an unparalleled surge in parcel delivery volume, especially as students begin returning to campus. This parcel delivery influx can cause campus package distribution services and storage areas to be overwhelmed due to outdated manual processes. Limited parcel collection hours can lead to long lines and overcrowded spaces, ultimately resulting in a less-than-ideal mail and parcel workflow, and a poor campus mail services experience.

Parcel lockers simplify incoming parcel management by providing a secure and automated package delivery solution. Our university lockers are helping universities across the country reduce operational expenses and increase student and employee satisfaction.

In this brochure, learn how Quadient Parcel Lockers will:

  • Reduce operational costs
  • Create an automated delivery process
  • Provide contact fee package pick-up
  • Improve the student and faculty experience
  • Enable delivery from any logistics provider
  • Allow you to customize your solution to match any campus space
  • Provide you with optimal tools to monitor your solution’s activity

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